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Novice Channeling
Wed Aug 2, 2006 6:21am (XFF:

Medaea strode through the hallway, her long legs eating up the distance she needed to cross as she headed down the ramp to the bottom of the Novice Well. In days long before her own eight in the White Tower, a brilliant mind had thought to begin posting notices reminding them of lessons, lectures and other opportunities to learn and it was to this destination that the Mayener Accepted was now heading. Medaea had been in merely in the right time at the right place (or was that right time and wrong place?) when Madeline Sedai had come out of her office, a very small frown furrowing her brow that had smoothed the moment she realized she wasn't alone. "Accepted Medaea, I'm glad I've run across you. I need you to conduct a lesson tomorrow afternoon in place of Accepted Kipcha."

The instructions of the Mistress of Novices weren't to be disobeyed, especially when she was nearly two years into her 2½ year plan to see herself raised to Aes Sedai. She had been watching her step, being the model of the perfect Accepted, pushing herself beyond where she should have been pushing and learning as much as she could. In addition to displaying maturity, responsibility and whatever qualities the Mistress of Novices might look for in a woman to be raised to the Shawl.

She reached the bottom of the ramp and scanned the boards to see Accepted Kipcha's notice hanging there with a tack in the cork. The notice read:


A lesson will be held in Room Three on the Fourth Tier an hour after lunch. Please be prompt and there is no special items or clothing that you need to wear, simply bring something to protect your head, yet come properly attired.

In the Light,

Accepted Kipcha al'Shain
Accepted Medaea sur Yvaine.

Satisfied with the notice, knowing that most Novices checked it in the mornings one last time, she gave a slight toss of her chestnut hair, pulling it from her neck to try and ward off the humidity of the hot summer day, and made her way to the Library where she'd been told a tome on Lugard had been located for her.

The classrooms where Novices were often held for lessons were adjacent to the Novice Wells and located in what was called "tiers", although it was merely a fancy term for "floor" or "story". Each tier had numbered rooms, seven on each tier, seven tiers in all, and rumor had it that the White Tower had not only been originally built to house three times the numbers that now lived there, but the tiers had all been expected to be filled with those in need of instruction. Nearly fifty rooms filled was more than Medaea could imagine given that perhaps five were used at a time.

Her violet eyes scanned the room, it was sufficiently wide, five paces by five paces and meant to hold probably more than forty students, but she had come early to rearrange the tables so that they encircled the perimeter of the square classroom. The plans she expected to do for the lesson didn't rely on how many students showed up, however, she hoped that there would be a good number of them to attend today because the more they had, the better it would be.

As soon as everything was situated, one of her colleagues, Accepted Alain walked in the door and bestowed her with a friendly smile. She often chose him to pair up with during lessons because of his demeanor. He was the sort of person who could coax every last ounce out of you, still smiling, and although you would be exhausted at the end of the exercise, you couldn't hate him because you simply wanted to do as he asked. "Are we all set up?" He asked.

She gave a small smile and a nod as his gaze looked over the arrangement of the tables. "We are. Thanks for doing this on short notice, Alain."

"That's fine, I'll just say you owe me a favor then." Medaea laughed, but it was forced. Even in the jesting manner he'd made the statement, she still felt discomfort in owing anyone favors. She preferred to be the one holding them in her hand.

Settling her tall yet slender frame into a seat near the front of the room, she again critically surveyed the wide U-shape of the tables, took stock of what she wished to accomplish today and if the Novices would successfully complete the lesson. As an Accepted, she was supposed to take into account the fact that there were different levels of Novices in attendance in her lesson—some would be adept at handling the weaves because they'd been channeling for as long as she had, some would only be just learning how to embrace and seize and would fumble with the weaves. As Medaea pondered this silently, the Novices began to file in, and as they did, she kept an eye on those Novices she knew and those who bore unfamiliar faces, waiting for the final bell to toll before she embraced, closing the door with a weave of Air and walking toward the cusp of the tables.

"Good afternoon, Novices. I'm Accepted Medaea as I'm sure most of you know and this is Accepted Alain, and you're here to learn some new channeling weaves and techniques. I would like for each of you to stand, introduce yourself and then let me know how long you've been channeling and how proficient at it that you are thus far."

OOC: Hello all! So the first part of this lesson will be on Monday August 7, so join up! Introduction should be at least 400 words and include a description of your character. You do need to have embracing/seizing credit to attend this lesson, but it'll remain open until Part 2, so if you hurry to get that first credit, you'll be very welcome to join. =)

    • The Lone Novice!Novice Adem Draek, Thu Aug 10 12:48am
      Another day, another lesson. Great. Adem stared dejectedly at his food. He didn't know what to expect today. This was his first real channeling lesson since the fiasco that had been his seizing... more
    • Part 1: No I in Teamwork!Accepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon Aug 7 8:47am
      Listening to everyone's introduction, Medaea nodded and looked around the room. It was relatively full of young men and women, fortunately watching her with avid interest to see what she would teach... more
      • Part 2: WaterspoutsAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Tue Aug 15 6:41am
        The Novices seemed to work very well together, those with certain strengths helping and picking up on the weaknesses of their partners and creating a nice balance even without linking. By the time... more
        • Part 3: A Little RainAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Wed Aug 23 11:56am
          After the Novices stopped playing with the waterspouts, some getting good enough to try and aim them at their fellow Novices (their playful manner encouraged by Medaea and Alain because channeling... more
          • Birds of a Feather Weave TogetherAdem Draek, Thu Aug 31 1:11pm
            Of course it had to be raining. Adem had harbored some vague hope that the storm would hold off until this little exercise was over, as he stood waiting for directions, the sky opened up, and let... more
        • The Itsy Bitsy NovicesNovice Adem Draek, Sun Aug 20 6:40pm
          Adem watched the Accepted played with their weaves. Though he couldn't see Accepted Medaea's threads, he imagined they looked identical to Accepted Alain's. Except, it occured to him, why should they ... more
      • No U in Teamwork EitherAdem Draek, Thu Aug 10 1:27am
        Weather control? Adem shook his head. How irresponsible! One of the things his grandfather had stressed a hundred times was the concept of 'cause and effect'. If you push a ball, it will roll. If you ... more
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