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Part 1: No I in Teamwork!
Mon Aug 7, 2006 8:47am (XFF:

Listening to everyone's introduction, Medaea nodded and looked around the room. It was relatively full of young men and women, fortunately watching her with avid interest to see what she would teach them. "Very good." She announced as the last young woman sat down again. "Today we're going to delve into the subject of minor weather control with a little twist on things. We're going to have you work in tandem with a partner, it would be preferable and far easier if you partner with someone of the same gender as you though. So for now, everyone on the right side of the room, find a partner for yourself on the left side of the room. Once you've found your partner, take a seat at the table once more."

There was another few minutes of soft murmuring and milling as the boys and girls moved around the room, choosing someone they either were comfortable with and knew or just a perfect stranger because of any myriad of reasons. In the end, the U-shape of the table was once more filled with Novices, fresh faced, innocent and sometimes youthful visages stared back at her next to older, more matured faces. "The person you are paired up with will be your partner for the duration of this lesson, so make sure you don't get separated. The first part of the exercise is going to concern teamwork and working together to achieve an effect. Those of you who have been at the Tower longer will be responsible for guiding those who have not—this is a test of your own abilities to lead and guide, as well as learn, so keep in mind that you'll be judged on that as well."

Alain stepped forward. "For this part of the exercise, we'll perform it indoors so that you can get a feel for what it's like to work actively with another to achieve one goal. You'll find that when you become Aes Sedai, this is essential—learning to pair stronger channelers with weaker ones to balance the whole. Once you've displayed your success at working together as pairs, we'll take you outdoors and test those abilities as best we can."

Medaea continued where Alain left off. "In a few moments, we're going to drastically change the atmosphere of the room, when this happens, you'll be expected to weave together in tandem to create two effects. Those of you who are newer to the Tower, please watch Alain and I as we demonstrate the weave you'll need to use."

Embracing saidar, Alain no doubt seizing the Source as well, Medaea drew on threads of Water, Air and Fire, Water and Air being the primary threads as they wrapped about forming the weft and warp of a simple weave. When the entirety of the Water and Air threads were completed, she tugged on small skeins of Fire, not her strongest Power to be sure, and finished the edges of the weave, pulling them all together and forming them into a small dome about her body. Instantly she felt the air around her thicken almost to the humidity of what she had been used to in Mayene. "This dome that I've created will humidify the air around you and your partner because we're going to suddenly dry the air out in a few minutes. If you perform this weave right, it'll grow warmer and far more humid inside the dome. Your objective will be to cover both you and your partner completely."

Alain spoke. "To those of you who are older, we will expect two things of you. The first is to help the younger Novices if they begin to do this weave incorrectly. You should know this weave by now as it's been used many times in different instances throughout your lessons and if not we feel you've worked with the Power long enough to be adept at its creation in the first try, though I should stress that this is not the weave you'll be performing."

Alain continued and Medaea now drew on the threads of the Power as he spoke and instructed them. "For the second half of you, your task will be a little more intricate as we feel your time in the Tower makes you more accustomed to working with the Power." That had been Medaea's idea, a thought that when she had been a more experienced Novice that the rudimentary and almost repetitive weaves had been mundane, boring and not that challenging to them. "You'll be weaving a Ward so that it interlaces with the dome that your partner has created. If you've chosen a partner of the opposite sex, this will make things even more challenging for you as you won't be able to see the weaves you're weaving through."

Both Alain and Medaea had left their respective humidifying domes up so that they could demonstrate to the Novices what they'd be working with. Focusing on Alain's dome, she felt with the Power along the threads she couldn’t see. Spirit was the primary Power she used, drawing it into a loosely woven "blanket", the golden threads glowing as she took the time to weave them not only among themselves, but through the holes in Alain's own original weave. The look of it would be identical if she'd been working on a saidar wrought weave, so she wasn't too worried that the Novices would grow confused.

When the overlay of her Spirit weave had been attached firmly to the original weave, the Mayener Accepted pulled on small strands of Earth, Air and the Fire, the threads almost hair-fine as they became enmeshed into weave like golden threads through samite. When she pulled on the entire weave, it gave a soft flash of light and sank into the original weave until it was basically one complex weave. Because she'd woven around saidin, it seemed as if her flows were wrapping about nothing, but placing her hand above dome, she could feel the air that pulled out from the humid interior and blow it outward, heating and humidifying at the same time.

Medaea concluded their demonstration. "Those of you who have been here longer, that is the weave you will use, a Ward that takes the humid atmosphere and moves it into a different place—in this instance just outside your dual weaves. When done correctly, both weaves should meld practically into one, even if you're using saidin and saidar, and it will change the cold, dry atmosphere into one more pleasant."

A Novice tentatively raised his hand which Medaea acknowledged. "But it's perfectly fine in here, Accepted."

She and Alain shared a small smile, and with seemingly effortless ease (though it was actually them practicing the weaves for three hours together), her flows of Air and Water spread out in a grid and she felt the presence of threads of saidin touch on her flows. Almost immediately the air temperature dropped considerably until their breath could be seen and any traces of moisture in the air dissipated beneath their dual ministrations until the air nearly crackled. "Novices, you may begin. I'll know you're successful when you, as a whole, begin to heat and humidify the room once more. Alain and I will be walking around to assist you as needed, but remember—those of you who have been here longer work to guide your younger partner as necessary."

OOC: Although my lesson is currently empty *glares at Novices*, here are the instructions.

You may choose either a PC or NPC partner to do this part of the lesson and as stated in the post, it doesn't matter which sex you choose for your partner. All I ask for is 400 words minimum to describe doing whichever task you should be performing. If your Novice has been in the Tower longer than 3 IC years, then they will do the more complex weave. If your Novice has been in the Tower shorter than 3 years, they do the simpler weave.

Though I'm disappointed by the total lack of turnout, I'll continue to do this lesson in hopes that people join. Next part will be up on Saturday August 12.

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