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Better Late than Never
Wed Aug 9, 2006 11:18pm (XFF:

He woke with a start from a dream about Ice, of all people. The one who'd taken care of him back on the street. In Adem's dream, Ice had come to the Tower to take him home, back to Caemlyn, half coaxing, half pleading, all the while calling him Little Fox, just like his grandfather had before his death. Stop being foolish. You're just homesick. He shook his head, struggling to clear it. No use thinking of Caemlyn, now. He wasn't going back anytime soon. If ever. And besides, even if he did, he wouldn't be the same Adem. He'd be Aes Sedai. He would never fit in with the Others again, not truly. It upset him, not because he regretted the fact, but because he didn't. He was on his way to something new. Something terrifying, but all the same... He splashed water on his face, and winced when he caught a glimpse of his reflection. His hair, dark and normally close-cropped, had grown during his time at the Tower, and his eyes, dark orbs that matched his hair, had the beginning of dark circles under them. No wonder, too, with the work he was putting in, and the nightmares...

Glancing out the window, Adem let out a strangled cry. He'd overslept! He was due in a lesson about the Grey Ajah, on the other side of the bloody Tower! Quickly, he grabbed a set of Whites that looked... vaguely clean, and darted out the door. He skidded down a hall, missed his turn, and had to come back. Several times, he passed an Aes Sedai or two, most of whom simply gave him a disapproving look, in sharp contrast with the Accepted he saw. They afforded him an understanding grin; many of them remembered novicehood all too well.

He knew he could not afford to be late, not with the conversation he'd had with the Mistress of Novices the week before looming over his head. He'd been scolded for slacking in his lessons; he did well enough, but his mind tended to wander. It wasn't his fault, the teachers did drone on something awful, and nine times in ten, they droned about concepts he'd already understood the first time they'd explained it. And he'd been lax in signing up for lessons since he'd arrived, as well. All in all, it hadn't been a pleasant talk. Finally, huffing and puffing, Adem found his destination. He pulled open the door, and slipped into the room as quietly as he could, trying to use all the stealth he'd acquired from his time as an urchin in Caemlyn.

The other novices seemed to be introducing themselves, so he waited what he deemed a reasonable amount of time, then stood. "I'm Novice Adem Draek." A few titters made him blush. He hadn't been in the Tower long before he'd learned an unfortunate fact about his first name. It bore a striking resemblance to the Old Tongue word "a'dam" which translated loosely to 'the leash'. Adem had spent a week trying to decide if his father had been aware of that when he'd given Adem the name, and had finally come to the conclusion that it didn't matter.

Quickly, Adem struggled to remember what else the other students had said. Oh, yes. "I know nothing of the Gray Ajah, save that they're often called upon to mediate when the magistrates find themselves at a loss." Several students had mentioned what they would like to learn in the class, but as Adem really had no interest in resolving other peoples issues, he left that part out, and sat down instead, waiting for further instructions.

Sorry about my unforgivable tardiness. But I'm here, and ready to get credits... uh... learn. Yeah, I meant to learn! Hopefully this lesson isn't going to close... after I did all that work... *pouts*

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