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No U in Teamwork Either
Thu Aug 10, 2006 1:27am (XFF:

Weather control? Adem shook his head. How irresponsible! One of the things his grandfather had stressed a hundred times was the concept of 'cause and effect'. If you push a ball, it will roll. If you throw a stone at a window, it will break. If you alter the weather here, it could be catastrophic somewhere else! He didn't understand the weather, now that he thought of it. Who knew what damage a channeler could do? Though he knew his own limited ability would not be responsible for flooding any fishing villages, he still felt the Accepted should have mentioned the dangers of such a weave, instead of blithely showing it to them without warning.

Stop it, Adem. This is not the time, nor the place to condemn your teachers. Find a partner, learn the weave, grumble about morals later. But when he glanced around, he realized almost everyone had paired up. See? This is what you get, fool. He slumped in dispair, until someone tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned. And nearly fell.

"Would you be my partner?" Justyn Stark asked, smiling at him. While Korin might have been Adem's brother, Justyn was his opposite. Blonde hair to Adem's dark, blue eyes to Adem's brown, the two were as different as night and day. Yet, they'd become fast friends, spending most of what little free time they had together. Except for the last week and a half, when Justyn had been nowhere to be found.

"Where have you been?" Adem asked, trying to keep the intense relief he felt from his voice. He'd been worried, though he'd never have owned up to that, even to himself.

"Penance," was the only reply Adem got. Which was just as well. It probably wouldn't be pleasant to listen to anyway. "Pay attention." Justyn smiled to lessen the sting of his words, and Adem couldn't help but grin back.

They sat next to each other at the table, and turned back to watch the two Accepted work. Adem's skin prickled again, watching the two Accepted work with the Power. He was only slightly mollified to notice that Justyn had goose pimples as well. Adem almost groaned aloud when he saw the weave he was expected to do. It would have to be water, wouldn't it. Aside from Earth, with which Adem was completely hopeless, Water was Adem's weakest power. He turned back to Justyn.

"It was boring around here without you." It was not the same as admitting he'd missed the other novice. Not the same at all. But Adem knew Justyn understood. "Anyway, let's get this over with." Without another word, he seized the True Source, seized saidin. He tried following the pattern he'd seen Alain set, struggling to get the threads of Water to do as he said, and not slip off into the ether. Justyn seemed to be having the same problem with threads of Air. Frustration threatened the Void. Finally, Adem managed to get the weave to match the Accepted's example. He was already sweating, and the sudden increase in temperature didn't help. But they'd done it. Adem released saidin reluctantly, and awaited further instructions, sweat dripping down his face.

Wow... Three posts in a single night. I think I may have to go collapse now. Or kill Adem off, for being such a pest. Mwa ha ha...

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