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Part 2: Waterspouts
Tue Aug 15, 2006 6:41am (XFF:

The Novices seemed to work very well together, those with certain strengths helping and picking up on the weaknesses of their partners and creating a nice balance even without linking. By the time all of the Novices had created their weaves, the conditions of the room began to even out once more and they found themselves in a comfortable temperature and humidity again. When she'd first designed these lessons, Medaea had been concerned that even their small tampering could have ill effects across the world, the whole—"a butterfly flaps its wings in Tar Valon and it rains on the Almoth Plain" belief. But a Cloud Dancer had assured Medaea that arranging the atmosphere in a room like this would have no ill effects on the world. A relief to say the least, given what she would be teaching next.

"The next thing that Alain and I will be teaching you is how to work in tandem together to develop a rhythm with one another. For the female channelers, you'll have a certain weave to perform, while the male channelers will have another. If you are working together with a member of the same sex, you can decide which weave you'd like to take." Medaea continued as the Novices settled once more into their seats comfortably.

"You may have at one point practiced the art of passing weaves so that you can 'juggle' balls of the Power, learning the technique of picking up one strand woven by another channeler." Alain continued when Medaea paused. "For those of you still very new to the Tower, this may not have been covered yet, but don't worry, we're taking this and modifying the exercise. Instead of using threads of the Power to find your cue, you'll be looking for a specific effect and then reacting."

Medaea looked around at the Novices who stared at them with blank, uncomprehending faces and stepped in before Alain could confuse them further. "It's best that we show you what you'll be doing rather than explaining it, so please just watch."

Medaea embraced saidar and wove threads of Water and Air together into a tight helix, each thread wrapping around the other, snug. Once the weave had formed, Medea tied it off and released it, in a moment a stream of water sprayed forward, a single line of liquid. She couldn't see the weaves that Alain used, but they had worked out the details, so if he were doing as they planned, he would be weaving flows of saidin, pulling threads of Air, Water and Spirit together to act as a deflector of sort.

Her stream of water hit what looked to be an invisible barrier and bounced upward in a high arc. As it began to descend, she threaded flows of Air and Water into a thick latticework and then laced Spirit throughout the whole so that it would be like an impervious cloth that wouldn't allow for the water to penetrate. As the weave came together, she placed it beneath the water spout and watched as the stream hit and rebounded upward again, a little bit higher because she pulled her weave upward in order to give the water added momentum.

For the next three or four passes, Medeaa and Alain played an odd game, passing the water spouts back and forth and even trying to get the other to miss the stream so that it would splash on the ground. When it finally did hit, it was because the demonstration was at an end and Medaea turned to the group of Novices.

"It's not the most exciting of exercises, but it teaches you timing and how to weave quickly enough when the situation calls for it. I want you to pair up again with your partners; one of you creates the stream of water, it doesn't matter which, and then you'll bounce the stream back and forth between you. The object is to make your weave appear at the right time to bounce the stream, and to not let it hit the ground. If you want to be a little competitive, try and angle the stream from your weave so that your partner may have a hard time catching it in time. I'll let the exercise go on for around ten minutes and then Accepted Alain and I will wrap up with one final exercise outside."

OOC: Not the most exciting of weaves, but still something fun to write, I hope! It's a few days late because my weekend was slammed and my Monday equally so. So sorry!! This lesson is still open to latecomers, so feel free to join, but the lesson will close when Part 3 goes up on Sunday!

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