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Part 1: Negotiatiors And The Negotiations
Tue Aug 15, 2006 7:56am (XFF:

She couldn't help her smile at her students for this lesson. It didn't seem like any of them would really cause her all that much trouble in the upcoming lesson, and the fact that they were all fairly new to the Tower was another advantage to this group. When you had some of the Novices that had been here a while, they seemed more inclined to show off what they knew, and sort of hide what they didn't know, until it was absolutely necessary to tell someone, if even then. Teli never was one that found it easy to ask for help, which made the irony of her becoming a Grey that much funnier. She placed a piece of parchment in her book, as she made her way to stand in front of the class.

"The Grey Ajah's role is that of negotiators, as Novice Adem and Novice Lilli pointed out. For a Grey Sister or Brother to be called upon, the people in the dispute do not need to be of royal blood, or otherwise deemed 'important' by their nations. I myself have helped resolve problems from farmers to lords." As she spoke, she noticed that Novice Kareen's eyes were on her, and although students were supposed to watch their teacher, it was somewhat unnerving. Maybe it was because of the jewelry that young woman wore...? Teli was surprised that the young woman had not been made to remove that jewelry, but Teli wouldn't punish her for it. Teli remembered being a Novice, and she had had a ring that she had wanted to wear back then, but she just wasn't supposed to.

"So, what is the job of the negotiator? What is a negotiation? How do we know what decision to make?" Teli asks these questions, and then pauses for a moment, letting them sink in. "Let's begin, however, what it's like to be a Brother or Sister of the Grey Ajah. One thing you have to realize is that not everyone has the same culture. So, you have to keep these differences in mind when you are making a negotiation within these cultures, or even when sometimes the negotiation is between cultures. Also, you must look at solving the problem without your personal bias. Say, for some reason, you don't like people with green eyes, and someone with green eyes, and someone with blue eyes come to you for help. You'd want to have the person with blue eyes get the better part of the deal, but a true negotiator can't do this."

She paused there for a moment before continuing. "A negotiation is not based on what either party wants. A negotiation is more like a compromise. As a negotiator, you must find the best solution for everyone, and not give any favor to either party. A negotiation is not made for the best interest of a party, but rather the best interest of everyone. Most of the time, this means that both parties will not get everything that they want, and a lot of the time, neither party particularly like the solution, but they know it will work, so they have to go with it, because it is better than fighting. That's what a negotiator does. They propose solutions that are in the best interest of everyone, not one particular party. Of course, the parties always have the right to disagree with the terms of the negotiation, so then you're back to where you started."

"As for how a decision is made, it's a bit simple, yet mind-boggling at the same time. There is a saying, 'there are three sides to every story: yours, mine, and the truth' which fits this situation quite well. You need to hear out both sides, or as many sides there are to a certain problem, and you have to read between the lines, as it were. You must look at these stories, and figure out what the truth is. Everyone's story is based off of their personal bias. This is just a fact. Sometimes their bias is mostly fed by their greed, or selfishness, but bias is just human nature, and it is based on your experiences, and your personality, so there is always going to be bias."

Teli clasped her hands together in front of her, and smiled. "Are there any questions so far?"

OOC: I apologize for taking so long to get this up. My life has been a bit crazy, and it's been easy to lose track of time. Here's part one, and it is still open to newcomers. Enjoy.

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