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There Must Be More To It
Tue Aug 15, 2006 11:02am (XFF:

Kareen, being so particularly aware of the Aes Sedai that was teaching noticed as her eyes fell on her more than once. Kareen made nothing of it, as the Aes Sedai's face did not give any hint to a thought. All she could do was notice for now. She remained intent upon the lesson however. As Teli Sedai went on about the basics of negotiation, Kareen found herself thinking the lesson quite dull. The Aes Sedai explained herself in such a way that even small children could surely understand. Kareen forced herself to stay at attention.

Certainly the Aes Sedai couldn't be serious about her explanation. But then again, another stray thought in her mind about some of the other Novices in the Tower backed Teli Sedai's simplicity. So many other Novices were still like small children. Kareen could not bring herself to act a fool like some others, it was not becoming of her personality, and neither was it becoming of one who represented the Sea Folk. There were some other Sea Folk in the Tower, but few enough that one's mistakes could affect the others and give the Tower a strong impression about other Atha'an Miere. There were also those Novices that had come from places in the middle of the country, grown up farmers, who knew nothing of the complexities of negotiation.

In realizing that Teli Sedai should teach her class like this, Kareen found it easer to concentrate. She was well aware that she was no fool Novice, and neither was she a Novice come from the middle of nowhere. She had come from being an apprenticed Windfinder, and she knew far more than some. Negotiations were no exception. She had been taught in lessons such as this since the day she could comprehend such things. Kareen did find it odd that Teli Sedai seemed to make it sound as if negotiations were easy, and they were surely not. Even in saying that every land had their own customs and laws, it sounded as if that wouldn't take up years of studying just to be able to remember it all and then put that knowledge into use.

Even knowing that the Grey Ajah's role in the Tower was the negotiators did not satisfy Kareen. Maybe such negotiations were required but it seemed such a small thing should not be the reason the Grey was set differently from the other Ajah's. Having known much of what Teli Sedai was saying previously, Kareen latched onto this thought and waited for the Aes Sedai to finish her short lecture.

Teli sedai had clasped her hands together and smiled at the class. "Are there any questions so far?" Kareen took advantage of this moment to put her thought into a question for the Aes Sedai. Kareen did not raise her hand or make any other movement to direct attention to her, but her eyes were still intent upon Teli Sedai as she spoke out. "I have a question, Aes Sedai."

Kareen thought that was polite enough and did not give the Aes Sedai time to nod her head in permission or something similar. If she had, she might not have had the courage to continue on. A quick thought on the honor chain lying between herself and the Aes Sedai spurred her. Teli Sedai had already asked if there was any questions, and that seemed permission enough to speak straight away. "Negotiations, I'm sure, make up a large part of Tower involvement outside Tar Valon, but find myself wondering how that is what sets the Grey Ajah apart from the others. However, from what has been said, negotiations is what the Grey Ajah does, and that is the common knowledge. If I might ask, there must be a deeper meaning to being the Grey Ajah than just that. From what I've seen in the Tower, and it is not much, each Sister or Brother seems to hold a special loyalty to their Ajah, and it doesn't seem that such loyalty can be evoked just because one of the Grey Ajah loves to negotiate...Upon being raised to Aes Sedai, we chose our Ajah, correct? And that Ajah will be our home thereafter for a long time, so what would make someone choose the Grey Ajah as their own?"

Kareen fell silent. Maybe she had been rather forward, and maybe this had been coming later in the lesson, but she had been incapable of restraining herself for much longer. She knew it couldn't just be the negotiations that drew someone to the Grey Ajah, and she wanted to know what else it represented. If she was to make a choice of Ajah, she wanted to know everything about each and every one of them, and this would be her start.

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