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But What Might They Negotiate?
Wed Aug 16, 2006 7:13pm (XFF:

It was an endless source of bewilderment to Adanai that Teli Sedai spent the early part of her lesson beaming at them. Truth be told, she had never seen an Aes Sedai smile before, and some of the potential sentiments the woman could be holding terrified her. Forefront in Adi's mind was the possiblity that Teli Sedai had some cruel, torterous lesson planned for the novices, and was grinning out of the pleasure she got from knowing what pain and horror was to follow. The novice tugged nervously at a long, loose strand of deep auburn hair as she watched the Aes Sedai, wide-eyed. It turned out that, at least thus far, her fear was for naught. The only thing they were in any danger of during the beginning of Teli Sedai's lecture was boredom, and as Adi was an eager student, she did not suffer even that.

"The Grey Ajah's role is that of negotiators, as Novice Adem and Novice Lilli pointed out. For a Grey Sister or Brother to be called upon, the people in the dispute do not need to be of royal blood, or otherwise deemed 'important' by their nations. I myself have helped resolve problems from farmers to lords." Adi wondered what sort of disagreements such powerful women as the Aes Sedai would be called upon to settle, especially between two farmers. According to Teli Sedai, they needn't be powerful in the political sense of the term; but they must be powerful in some way. She had the feeling the White Tower would not go about sending Grey Sisters or Brothers just because two old men were bickering about who owned the cow that strayed across the line between their properties.

Adanai listened intently to Teli Sedai's description of the role of Aes Sedai in negotiations. Having had little or no experience of disputes between anyone before arriving at the Tower, she was having an extremely difficult time relating to the explanations. Of course, the last thing she wanted to do was raise her hand and tell everyone that she had not been allowed to play with other children or even go outside more than once a week, and therefore had never really fought with anyone or seen the need to resolve an argument. The only person she ever disagreed with was her father, and in that instance, there was no compromise. He ruled his tiny household, consisting of himself and his daughter, with an iron fist.

When at last Teli Sedai gave the opportunity to ask questions, Adanai reassured herself that in the pursuit of knowledge, she actually needed to understand what she was being taught, and speaking in front of the class was not going to kill her. She raised her hand timidly, willing herself to look at the Aes Sedai until she saw the nod granting her permission to speak. "T-Teli Sedai, I was wondering if you might give an example or two of the types of disputes a Grey Sister or Brother might help resolve?"

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