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Part 3: A Little Rain
Wed Aug 23, 2006 11:56am (XFF:

After the Novices stopped playing with the waterspouts, some getting good enough to try and aim them at their fellow Novices (their playful manner encouraged by Medaea and Alain because channeling was supposed to be fun), she prompted everyone to get up. "For the last part of our lesson, we're going to take this outside and enjoy the nice weather." As if to punctuate how not nice the weather was, a crash of thunder reverberated against the White Tower walls, the pair of windows that had opened to the outside displaying a dark atmosphere. Some of the Novices looked at Medaea worriedly and she smiled back. "Come on, no one will melt in the rain."

It wasn't raining yet, but the cloud that hung over the city were dark and ominous, the sort that would rattle panes with gusts of wind and send drops spilling sideways in the air. For some reason, days like that always appealed to Medaea, where heavy thunderstorms weren't the norm in Mayene; she found something alluring about a sharp breeze and the tang of rain in the air. Alain leaned in, "You realize that we're going to have a full fledged thunderstorm, don't you?"

"You're a Listener?" She asked, somewhat surprised, his response a nod of the head. She had worked with him for two years and had never known that he had such a Talent. "Well, that will just make things interesting." She hadn't intended for the exercise to happen in the pouring rain, though now that it seemed the sky was on the verge of splitting open and pouring rain down on them, she couldn't think of a better fortuitous situation.

As the group of Novices and two Accepted stepped into the open receiving hall of the Tower, the cool breeze whipping around them, the skies finally opened up. A fine mist touched their skin even with them standing near the center of the large hall and as Medaea turned to the students, she gave a small smile, her voice echoing slightly in the near empty space.

"Well now, this will make things interesting, donít you think? So first things first. You'll be required to cut through some weaves in order to bring back an object within a set amount of time." Digging into her purse, she extricated the right number of stones from the pouch and handed them to each of the Novices, a brief blue flash was emitted from the stone every five seconds. "These stones are set with a ward that allows you to follow the flashes of the light to a single destination, when you start moving in the right direction it will begin to flash faster and when you're exactly aligned with it, it will remain lit blue."

"You may wonder at the point of this." Alain continued. "As you follow this path outside, you'll be taken along a winding trail to an end point where you will be required to slice through three sets of weaves in order to get your token at the end." He looked to Medaea and she smiled at him. "This was originally designed to be an easy task in the sunshine, but now that it's raining out, you'll need to do perform two separate weaves. Accepted Medaea and I will demonstrate the weave that will protect you from getting wet and then how to slice at weaves."

She looked to the Novices, "Whether you're slicing at weaves you can see or weaves you can't, forming the blade is the same no matter what. It's a simple weave of Spirit and Fire formed and honed to sharpness." She embraced and pulled on the thin skeins of clear-white Spirit threads, lacing them up into a latticework and then streaking it with the reddish orange strands of Fire. It created a very pretty weave and as she pulled the flows together, taut, the edges of the weave sharpened to a keen edge that held in place.

Alain said, "And to form the protective dome over yourself to protect yourself from the rain, it's a very simple weave of Air and Water, formed in a net around yourself and held as if you were going to hold a parasol against the sun." Although she couldn't see the weaves, Medaea knew that it would no doubt be very similar to when she demonstrated it. A thick warp and weft of Air that was supplemented by thinner strands of Water throughout the entire thing and pulled over one's self like a dome.

"To cut another weave." Medaea continued, "Is to move the weave in the direction of the threads. If you can't see the threads because they're woven with the other half of the Power, slice where you think they'll be. Because this weave is primarily Spirit, you can't harm another person by touching them with it, it will only part threads of the Power." She couldnít see where Alain's dome of Air and Water was, but she moved her own blade over his head and then in a downward motion. "Again, if you can't actually see the threads, you'll at least feel the resistance of your weave against theirs. Then just apply pressure." Pulled the weave downward still, Medaea felt the distinctive sensation of threads pulling apart, springing away from her knife and then the tightening of Alain's eyes as her blade succeeded.

For the benefit of everyone, Medaea and Alain reversed their demonstration so that Medaea could show the women how saidar wrought shields of Air were made and the men knew how to make their blades.

"That's it. Follow the clues your stone will provide you in finding your token, try to stay dry with the weaves we've shown you, and remember that if you don't know how to divide your flows, you may get wet for a few moments as you slice the weaves around the token and then reassemble your shelter." Medaea said with a smile. Most of the new Novices would be far too weak in the Power still and would need drying when they returned while some of the older Novices would know how or be strong enough to do so. She could divide her flows three ways and was working to do more, but it would only take time and practice. In the meantime, she and Alain would have wet Novices returning.

"Well?" Alain demanded with a mock severe face. "Go on!"

OOC: Last part and will end on the 31st! Thanks for participating Adam!!! =)

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