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Lacking Dialogue
Wed Aug 30, 2006 9:38pm (XFF:

Kareen tied back her streaked hair in a knot she had learned a while back from a fellow Sea Folk. It had come in very handy when she lacked a leather chord, which she often did now-a-days. Slipping into the morbid white novice dress as she had every other day at the tower, she began her day. She was to do her chores the entire morning, as a private lesson would occupy her afternoon. Admittedly, Kareen was rather excited for the lesson. It wasn’t that she disliked the lesson with other Novices, she just always felt she could carry away more from a lesson where the focus was solely on herself.

A hand reached up and brushed the honor chain dangling across her cheek, revealing to her eyes the tattoos that decorated them. Both the honor chain and her tattoos were constant reminders of her heritage for any that looked, but she did not mind. They provided her with her own sense of joy and comfort.

With a sigh, Kareen folded the note she had received yesterday and put it back in her pouch. The contents of the note had provided her with a location and time for the lesson, and had also told her that it might be lengthy, which was why all her chores were to be done this morning. As a result, the lone Novice set off to the kitchens where she would be serving the first bell of the day. A small smile graced her lips as she set off. This day might not be so bad. The chores never hindered her mood, and the private lesson only made today that much better.

Kareen’s determination to prove herself had not waned after her first few months of being a Novice, and neither would it until she became full Aes Sedai. Just a small way of doing such was always being punctual for anything she did. Of course, there were moments that prevented this from happening all the time, but in general, she was there on time, if not earlier.

Today was one of those days that she was sure to be there even earlier than the said time. It would be her first private lesson since she had first learned to embrace the Source. It now seemed such a long time since that day. She had been at the Tower now for seven months, and she could hardly believe it. It seemed such a long time, but in comparison to other things it was like one grain of sand in an otherwise spotless chamber.

The knock that echoed inside the room was a little soft, but Kareen heard a voice from the other side call out for her to enter, and so she did. The Accepted who was teaching her today was one she had only seen a couple times in passing. That was not surprising, as Novices didn’t see Accepted all too often while they roamed the Tower.

Following formalities, Kareen gave the Accepted a curtsy appropriate of her rank before coming back up to standing her full height. Green eyes met the Accepted’s without hesitation. She had never had trouble meeting someone’s eye. That was the easy part of being with another person, at least according to Kareen. A small smile was still present in Kareen’s feature, having had such a good day, for Tower standards.

“Good afternoon Accepted. I am Kareen din Yokiri, here for the lesson.” The statement was simple and obvious, but Kareen did not know what else it was she was supposed to say, if anything at all, so that was what she had contented herself with. After her short introduction, Kareen waited for the Accepted to make the next move. Both were silent, the only sound coming from the slight tinkle that was her honor chain.

OOC: Did you know that your bio page comes up as not found when you try to go to it on the Accepted page? >.< I tried to read it, but failed miserably, because it said page not found. ^.^ You might want to check into that. -nodnod- And I come highly complimented? This is new information to me. XD It’s a good thing though, so I’ll take it. ^.^

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