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Birds of a Feather Weave Together
Thu Aug 31, 2006 1:11pm (XFF:

Of course it had to be raining. Adem had harbored some vague hope that the storm would hold off until this little exercise was over, as he stood waiting for directions, the sky opened up, and let loose a torrent of rain. Adem winced, the sight of the downpour bringing back memories of Caemlyn that were better left buried. I wonder what they're doing right now? He thought, heedless of the water that was now streaming down his face.

"Adem? Adem, you're supposed to at least try and stay dry!" Justyn stood beside him, tenuously holding a weave of Air and Water over his head. "Weren't you paying attention?" Adem nodded mutely, still gazing out into the storm. Shaking his head, Justyn added a few strands to his weave, stretching it so it hovered over Adem as well. When Adem looked back at him, Justyn just grinned. "No one said we couldn't work as a pair. Come on, let's get this over with. We might not be getting wet, but it's still bloody cold out here."

It took them a few minutes, but they finally lined up the stone so its blue light shone constantly. "That way," Adem muttered. Most of the other novices were still trying to orient themselves, so the two friends slipped through the rain as quietly as they could, trying to keep from being noticed by anyone else. Maybe they would find their tokens first.

The path suddenly became treacherous, a thin, winding snake of a road. In the rain, it was hard for the two novices to see where they was going, and more than once one of them tripped. But finally they came to their goal, a table full of small stones. Adem could see weaves of saidin around each individual stone, strands of Air to keep the stones from being picked up.

"Right," Adem seized saidin and painstakingly replicated the weave Accepted Alain had demonstrated. Justyn still held the parasol weave, waiting patiently for Adem to finish, and take up the strands, so he could obtain his own token.

Honed to razor sharpness, Adem's weave split the strands of Air surrounding the token. Adem reached out for the small stone, and encountered... nothing. An invisible barrier. Of course! Saidar. He'd forgotten that there were THREE weaves around the tokens. He readied his severing weave again, and used it where he knew the Air strands had to be. He could feel the tension, and then felt something snap. One down, one more to go. And he could see this one, more or less. There were gaps between the strands of saidin in this weave, gaps which Adem now realized indicated strands of saidar. Cutting the combined weave was more difficult than the first two; the flows were noticeably stronger. But eventually Adem succeeded, and grabbed his prize, his token.

All that was left was to let Justyn get HIS token, and then return to the rest of the class. Silently, Adem took up the upkeep for the flows of the parasol, and stood patiently while Justyn struggled with the severing weave. But finally, they were done. And they had been the first! Triumphantly, they made their way back to the Accepted, passing several struggling novices on the way down, even daring to use the severing weave to cut a particularly nasty novice's protection from the rain.

And then they were back with the Accepted, awaiting further instructions.

So, I figured, since I'm really the only novice in the class, I had a little leeway with the description of the weaves, and the tokens and stuff. So... I made it up. :P

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    • Birds of a Feather Weave Together — Adem Draek, Thu Aug 31 1:11pm
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