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'Neath the Snow
Sun Sep 3, 2006 12:01am (XFF:

“Good afternoon Accepted. I am Kareen din Yokiri, here for the lesson.”

“Welcome, Novice Kareen,” Sorcha said smoothly as Kareen rose from her curtsey, “I am Accepted Sorcha Eamonn. Thank you for arriving on time; it enables us to maximize our time completely.”

Sorcha paused from her words and took a glance out the window, to see that the snowflakes had stopped falling, but still the glass was tinted with ice. She was silently very happy to learn that it was no longer snowing; despite the fact that they were in the depths of winter, Sorcha wanted to hold at least part of this lesson outside, if not all of it. She noticed that Kareen had not brought her cloak – no doubt the girl expected to stay inside where it was warm. She would learn.

“I admit that I do not plan to start the lesson in this classroom, instead we will be going outside––” Novice Kareen’s eyes shot across to the window and back to Sorcha’s face quickly “––and learning some useful weaves for the wintertime. I didn’t want to meet you out there in case either one of us was running late, for the other would have to wait outside with bitter winds. As well as teaching you the weaves for wintertime, I’m going to test you a bit, child. I want to test your endurance with the One Power. You have been at the White Tower for a time, you have attending quite a few channeling lessons in that time, and today I want to see just how well you can weave saidar into multiple threads. Worry not, for we won’t be doing anything dangerous, but it is for interest. Now, if you will follow me, we’ll go to the gardens – we won’t be fetching our cloaks.”

Like Kareen, Sorcha had not brought her cloak, but there was a high chance that she would probably stay warmer than the novice, it would all come down to her skill in the One Power. After navigating through the twisting corridors, they reached the door and pushed through it to the gardens on the outside, littered with snow. As soon as one stepped out into it, the cold seemed to stretch down into the depths of the body with each breath.

“The first weave,” Sorcha whispered, deciding it was better to begin than delay their time out here in the bitter cold, “will be one that will warm us up – and it will be needed for the time being, I think. Watch carefully, child; the weave is simple and considering Fire is your middle element you should be able to grasp it quickly.”

Sorcha embraced saidar and wove a single thread of Fire around them. It was long, so she started it at their feet and twisted it around until it reached just above their heads. She made sure she spaced it far enough apart that it only completely three full circles before it was above their heads. As soon as this was done, she tied off the weave so that it remained around them, warming them to a degree.

“It’s rather simple. The closer together you have each circle of the thread, and the thicker the thread, the warmer you will be. Now, I only leave it tied off for the moment while I show you the next weave, for you shouldn’t leave this thread tied off for the obvious dangers that it can present – so I expect you to not tie it off at all during the course of this lesson. I don’t want you to try this just yet, but we’ll wait until I’ve shown you the next weave.”

Sorcha took a step forward and they began to move along the path, which were at all times kept clear by the novices that would shovel them throughout the day, until they reached a clearing that, in summer, would have been a nice lawn. This was where Sorcha intended for them to begin the first challenge. She had been out her last night, placing everything precisely, and had obtained Madeline Sedai’s assurance that everything would be left alone, as she wished it.

“Shortly I will ask you to weave your own shield of Fire to keep you warm, Kareen, and it will be up to you for the rest of the lesson to maintain it whenever outside – if you are learning new weaves, practicing them, or even watching me you will have to keep it up if you wish to stay warm. Underneath this snow is buried five treasures that I have planted for you to find after I teach you the next weave, and I will want you to use a weave of the elements to do so, whilst maintaining your previous weave of Fire; for you will surely get cold walking through the snow otherwise. Now, weave you shield.”

Sorcha watched as Kareen did as she was asked, and after some hints from the Accepted, the novice got the shield right quickly. It was a very simple weave, needing only one thread of Fire, and Sorcha had expected nothing less.

Telling the girl to watch carefully once more, Sorcha took threads of Water and Air – Kareen’s strongest elements – and began to weave them together. The threads of Air she moved together, weaving and binding them together so that they formed a wall that, when placed on the ground, came up to her knees. The snow was no deeper than knee height, so that size would suffice. To the solid weave of Air she added her threads of Water, placing them so that for every two threads of Air there was one of Water. The Water served to slightly melt the snow, making it easier to move, and at the same time to freeze it again and compact it in with the snow that it was pushed into, so that the snow didn’t simply all melt. No doubt Kareen’s weave of Fire would melt some of the snow, but it wouldn’t have too much of an effect.

Sorcha demonstrated the potential of the weave, moving it through the snow on the other side of the path – the part in which she’d hidden no treasures. It worked to clear a complete path through the snow, the bare ground underneath showing.

“I want you to use this weave to go through the field of snow to our left, to find the five treasures that I have told you about. When your weave passes over one, you will feel it – something more substantial than snow will feel different in the weave. You will know what I mean when you first feel it; it is a little hard to explain. As you’re using that weave, don’t forget your weave of Fire to keep you warm – and don’t tie it off. When you’ve found all five treasures, we’ll move on.”

OOC: We’ve-a-started! This bit is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions or what not, please email me =D How about at least 500 words for this? And don’t forget, with the constant weave of Fire, and the weaving that she’ll be doing apart from that, as the lesson goes for longer, Kareen will be getting quite tired! Have fun with this! Oh, and if you want to earn ANOTHER channeling credit, check out the lesson on the GiT Lesson Board – we need more novices!! =D

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