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Self Defense 101 (open to all novices)
Mon Sep 18, 2006 9:57am (XFF:

The practice yard Sinead had reserved for her class fit her needs perfectly. Not too big, not too small, with loose earth to cushion a fall, it also had walls rather than just a fence, which guaranteed their continued privacy and kept out curious intruders. As she surveyed the space she had to work with, she removed her cloak and bag, and placed both on the weather-worn table near the gate. The cloak would just get in her way; the bag contained information she wanted to be sure to go over with her students, as well as a few other things- such as a well-read version of the Karatheon Cycle that she took and began to study intently as she waited.

Even now -decades after leaving the Three-Fold Land- there could be no mistaking the Aes Sedai for anything other than an Aielwoman. She had her fiery red hair pulled back, stray strands held away from her face by the two combs Lasana had made for her, with the rest of her tresses bound up in a thick braid that hung nearly to the ground. With her face revealed, an observer could easily recognize a Sister's agelessness -marred only by a selection of battle scars that had not yet faded.. Even while reading she stood balanced, ready to return a strike if it should come, and the hands that held her book were brown and calloused, worn from years of battle. Her simple blue riding dress seemed out of place; after all, one did not expect a warrior to be wearing skirts. She had been asked to teach novices how to defend themselves however, and since female novices wore dresses, that meant she had to teach them how to get around the obstacle of skirts- and no better way to do that, than to wear them herself. As for the men, it wouldn't hurt them to learn alternative methods than kicking an opponent.

A week prior, she had put up notices regarding the class in all the normal locations, as well as sending requests for attendance out to a few specific novices who truly needed it; all the lesson notices had included date, time,and location, so she hoped more than a handful of people would arrive. As time for the class approached, she set her book on the table, and began to go through the other papers she had brought. Men and women in white began to trickle in, lining up against the wall across from her in silent consensus. Most of them had never met her before, but she recognized a face here and there from the halls. When enough novices had gathered she straightened to her full height and regarded them solemnly with calm green eyes.

“Good afternoon,” she said clearly, her eyes skipping from novice to novice, meeting each of their eyes individually. “My name is Sinead and I will be your instructor today. I'm supposed to have an assistant that I hope will show up soon, but we can start without her.” She paused for a moment, looking down at the paper in her hands. “I have been requested to instruct you in weaponless self defense, as two decades of being Far Dareis Mai has apparently pre-qualified me for the job.” She smiled at them with true warmth; she didn't expect them to return the gesture, but she wanted to take the unintended chill out of those words. “Since there are various methods of defending oneself, this class will be divided into several parts. We'll begin with some basic concepts, go over those thoroughly, and then test how well you learned what I've taught by giving you a chance to use your knowledge in a practical fashion.”

She saw a few of her students quirking their lips, obviously less than pleased with the direction the class was going. Some of them, she knew, already had experience and were expecting an easy ride through an extraneous class; she would disabuse them of that notion quickly enough! “Now, I'm sure some of you have had some experience with fighting before, be it back alley brawling or army experience,” she continued with a knowing smile at that particular group. “If you have had experience, excellent- I want to hear about it, so I can adjust your lessons accordingly.” She would still teach the same concepts...but her standards would be much higher. Let them stew over that for a while.

“Now! So we can actually begin learning, I need you to introduce yourselves, and tell me what experience you have with fighting- self defense specifically, as defending yourself is entirely different from attacking someone else. I would also,” she added, “like you to make a fist and hold it up like this,” she held up her own hand and balled it up as a demonstration, "so I can see it." She pointed to a novice at random, “you start.”

PLEASE describe exactly HOW your character makes a fist. It's important to the next part of the lesson. What I'd prefer is that you make a fist on your own, and describe how you do it. I would also like to request that female novices wear dresses, even if you are allowed (which I don't think you are) to wear breeches. NO channeling, NO weapons. Any of either without pre-arranged permission and you will NOT receive credit for the class.

For the duration of this lesson I would prefer posts of at least 400 words- and preferably (much) more. I love a good read, and I hope to give you plenty of material to work with to make your posts long and interesting. :)

And finally, disclaimer: I am not a self defense expert; what I'm “teaching” here, I learned from remembering snippets of previous self defense seminars, and a couple of websites, with my own personal Aiel flare thrown in. So...just take what I write with a grain of salt, and don't make fun of me if you know I'm blatantly wrong. Thanks!

    • Part 1: How to PunchSinead Sedai, Sun Oct 8 3:39pm
      Sinead listened to the introductions and tried not to let her concern over how few had actually come to the class show on her face. Had the Tower's novice and Accepted compliment been reduced so... more
      • Part 2: EscapeSinead Sedai, Sun Oct 15 4:12pm
        Watching her students carefully, Sinead moved from man to woman to novice to Accepted, repositioning a hand here, re-demonstrating the proper way to punch there. While she doubted many of her pupils... more
        • The Coveted Pink DotNovice Lilli Bloom, Sun Oct 29 12:04am
          Lilli was all but agape as their instructor overpowered the large-bodied young man with remarkable ease, her holds on him cleverly enacted to produce joint-wrenching pain. The Aiel sister knows what... more
        • Part 3: Choke HoldsSinead Sedai, Sun Oct 15 4:13pm
          Her students had done exceptionally well. With a broad smile, Sinead rolled up her parchment obstacle course, and leaned it against the wall. Sharra sat back and looked at the sky, her face reposed,... more
          • My Own TechniqueNovice Lilli Bloom, Sun Oct 29 12:34am
            “Fingernails, for instance,” their instructor said, and Lilli took the chance to observe her own. Her fingers were soft and round, and its nails were squat and short. She basically had none of the... more
      • Fighting off DemonsJeseia Moretia, Mon Oct 9 2:03am
        Jeseia stared at the tall woman -Aiel, she had heard, though what that precisely meant she still didn't know- in consternation. Hit that? she thought dubiously, circling around the punching bag she... more
      • And how not toNovice Lilli Bloom, Sun Oct 8 6:53pm
        A crimson heat suffused her cheeks even as the Aes Sedai moved away, but in all honestly she wasn’t affronted, nor her pride damaged. Pride? Any such thing had been made malleable way back when, and... more
        • OOC: Good jobSinead Sedai, Mon Oct 16 11:10am
          Good job, you can move on. :) I believe this will be the last lesson of this type you'll have to complete! ~Marla
    • What the fat!Novice Lilli Bloom, Mon Sep 18 8:00pm
      “I suppose,” she said tremulously, her plump fingers unable to calm their slight tremble as she packed her pouch of her usual stationary, that including rolls of blank parchment, quills, and a small... more
    • Freedom to fightJeseia Moretia, Mon Sep 18 10:31am
      Jeseia stared down at the pure white dress she wore in some consternation. Mere weeks before, she had been a damane , one of the oldest to cross the Aryth Ocean. Now she resided in the White Tower,... more
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