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Freedom to fight
Mon Sep 18, 2006 10:31am (XFF:

Jeseia stared down at the pure white dress she wore in some consternation. Mere weeks before, she had been a damane, one of the oldest to cross the Aryth Ocean. Now she resided in the White Tower, and these “Aes Sedai” considered her to be little more than the child she appeared to be. She didn't really enjoy the attitude, but anything suited her better than wearing an a'dam. “Light save me, I'm free!” she said aloud, forcing her hands to separate from their death grip on each other. Almost instantly her left hand hand went to her throat, to the ring of skin rubbed rough after decades of imprisonment by that cursed collar. Her fingers caressed the bare skin lovingly for a long moment, and then she shook herself.

She sighed, and turned to look at the board where Aranisia had told her she might find notices for classes she would be required to attend; she recognized most of what had been written up there, but her reading had grown rusty since becoming damane and it therefore took her some time to decipher each separate note. Some she could not attend yet; she had been told Aranisia would supervise her training so she might go to the classes on channeling. She found the situation rather ironic, but did not say so; after all, even here Aranisia outranked her, though thankfully not so thoroughly as she had in Seanchan. She ignored that detail for now however, and continued to read through the notes. Finally, one caught her eye, purely because of who taught it. Sinead Sedai...the woman who had freed her. I have to go to that one, she thought; after memorizing the rest of the note, she left the dining hall.


The next morning, Jeseia spent her morning scrubbing the floors of several classrooms in the lower levels of the Tower. She couldn't say she enjoyed the work, but they left her alone to do it for the first time since she'd been brought to Tar Valon, and she enjoyed the solitude even if she did not appreciate having to do physical labor while doing so. Don't they have servants or some such to do this for them? she thought grumpily, pushing a strand of white-blond hair out of her face. She completed four separate rooms by the time the bell sounded for lunch however, and she walked away with a sense of accomplishment that she refused to acknowledge.

After lunch, she went back to her quarters -thankfully, she had not been assigned a roommate yet- and tidied herself; she had not yet learned how to braid her hair as many other novices seemed to do, but she did pull it back with a leather tie. She changed her dress as well -she had seen another novice assigned to do laundry for a month for having a dirty dress, and she had no desire to be assigned that particular chore more than absolutely necessary- and then headed out to the practice yards as instructed by the note Sinead Sedai had put up.

Outdoors still felt too large without the protecting confinement of the a'dam; she forced herself not to stare at the ground as she walked, but it took more effort than she had counted on; by the time she arrived at the walled enclosure Sinead had indicated, she had broken into a cold sweat of irrational fear that the sky would fall down and squish her. Why is it so much different to be outside without a collar? She didn't even try to answer her own question; just thinking about that device made her sick to her stomach, and she had a feeling that learning to fight wouldn't help her physical condition either. While Sinead introduced herself and explained about the class, Jesi leaned against the wall, catching her breath and forcing her heart to slow down.

She had finally regained her calm when she realized Sinead was pointing directly at her. Jesi looked up at her face -and it was quite a ways up, for someone as short as she- and struggled to recall what the woman had been talking about. “Mistress already knows Jeseia's name,” she said in a muted tone, then realized abruptly that she had forgotten, in the face of undeniable authority, that she no longer wore the a'dam. “I'm sorry, Sinead Sedai,” she muttered, blue eyes on the ground. “I did not mean to be rude.” Sinead simply folded her arms and looked at her, and Jesi felt hot shame creeping up her cheeks. Slowly, refusing to meet the Sister's eyes, she raised a hand, and curled it into a fist, her thumb wrapped over her four fingers, wrist bent slightly despite holding the arm straight up. Her fingernails dug into her palm as she tried to make her body stop trembling. “My name is Jeseia Moretia,” she said in a low voice. “I have never had to defend myself without...without channeling. ”

ooc: For my own record keeping later, this lesson occurs approximately three weeks after Sinead brought Jeseia back to the Tower.

  • Self Defense 101 (open to all novices)Sinead Sedai of the Blue Ajah, Mon Sep 18 9:57am
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        Watching her students carefully, Sinead moved from man to woman to novice to Accepted, repositioning a hand here, re-demonstrating the proper way to punch there. While she doubted many of her pupils... more
        • The Coveted Pink DotNovice Lilli Bloom, Sun Oct 29 12:04am
          Lilli was all but agape as their instructor overpowered the large-bodied young man with remarkable ease, her holds on him cleverly enacted to produce joint-wrenching pain. The Aiel sister knows what... more
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          Her students had done exceptionally well. With a broad smile, Sinead rolled up her parchment obstacle course, and leaned it against the wall. Sharra sat back and looked at the sky, her face reposed,... more
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      • Fighting off DemonsJeseia Moretia, Mon Oct 9 2:03am
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      • And how not toNovice Lilli Bloom, Sun Oct 8 6:53pm
        A crimson heat suffused her cheeks even as the Aes Sedai moved away, but in all honestly she wasn’t affronted, nor her pride damaged. Pride? Any such thing had been made malleable way back when, and... more
        • OOC: Good jobSinead Sedai, Mon Oct 16 11:10am
          Good job, you can move on. :) I believe this will be the last lesson of this type you'll have to complete! ~Marla
    • What the fat!Novice Lilli Bloom, Mon Sep 18 8:00pm
      “I suppose,” she said tremulously, her plump fingers unable to calm their slight tremble as she packed her pouch of her usual stationary, that including rolls of blank parchment, quills, and a small... more
    • Freedom to fight — Jeseia Moretia, Mon Sep 18 10:31am
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