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What the fat!
Mon Sep 18, 2006 8:00pm (XFF:

“I suppose,” she said tremulously, her plump fingers unable to calm their slight tremble as she packed her pouch of her usual stationary, that including rolls of blank parchment, quills, and a small jar of ink, “it is only fitting that an instructor for a….Self Defense lesson would be an Aiel.” Her hands didn’t shake because of that, per se; or partially it did, seeing as the legendary warrior people who habited and cultivated the barren, harsh lands of the Waste were held in her mind as pure terror. Given, the White Tower didn’t seem to discriminate them, and many a day she crossed a hall and found herself either brushing past or curtsying to a pale-haired, pale-eyed personage. Every such encounter left her a little bit shaken and tense. The stories…

Stories, however, as she reminded herself time and time again, were now irrelevant and insubstantial to her. After all, she was in the White Tower! So the White Tower had been a thing of stories as well, really, but still! Aes Sedai and their world, in which she now found herself happily immersed in, rendered fables powerless. Lilli adamantly told herself this, as she did frequently, but somehow she still found her courage impotent in times like these. Still, the reason she shook now was not only because of the knowledge that she would have to encounter an Aiel instructor soon enough, but also because she was presently, as rare as the occasion was, the center of attention.

Three girls in the customary white-bleached, prim-necked novice dresses lingered in the doorway, staring down their noses at her currently hunched-over form. “Yes already!” one of them, the curly-haired girl closest to her, exclaimed impatiently, “What are your ears, blocked up with cowhide? You do know that if you don’t hurry up, we’re all likely to get flailed!”

“Or worse,” the girl next to her said in a dolorous fashion, dramatically rolling her eyes to the ceiling and then promptly picking at her nails.

The first girl tossed her head. “Why exactly, Bloom, are you packing stationary?” Only instructors called her by her first name, and nearly all the novices who shared the well with her called her by her family name. Which was fine by her, really; at least it was acknowledgement in some sort of manner. Two months prior nobody had known her name at all, much less bothered to get to learn it. I suspect most of these novices don’t know my first name even now. “Doesn’t it occur to you that we won’t need it in a Self Defense lesson?”

“We probably won’t even need our pouches, Bloom,” the third girl spoke, her voice and demeanor kindlier than that of her companions, “They’ll only be a hindrance anyway, when we’re fighting.”

“Fighting?” Lilli reiterated, alarmed, “But I thought it was a Self Defen…”

“Blood and ashes, you really are thick,” said the first girl, “Obviously someone will need to attack you when you’re practicing self-defense, and attackers don’t just spring out of thin air.”

Lilli nodded, winding the straps of her pouch around her generous girth, and then she was following the trio in their hasty plight towards the promised novice elective.

She didn’t possess a tall height; in fact, in comparison to most girls, she stood on the short side. Instead, the Creator had accommodated her with an extensive width, and without a doubt, she was thick and fleshy all over. With a round face and apple cheeks, frazzled layers of auburn hair draping across her shoulders, watery blue eyes, and friendly, flexible lips, she was fated to never be a beauty, but she radiated a sense of peace and attractive cheeriness in her own way. It was just that no one had noticed it yet.

When the foursome arrived at the lesson and made their curtsies, it was past the mid bell, and although many amongst the gathered sea of novices—and the rare Accepted—peered about to observe their unique surroundings of a walled square of yard, Lilli’s attention was riveted on the instructor alone. She was intrigued. Each of the Aes Sedai’s movements, including her placement of the novel on the table, to the strength in her gaze when she directed it towards them. Lilli shrank back just a little when that gaze met hers. “My name is Lilli Bloom, Sinead Sedai,” she said in her customary whispery voice (in public, anyway) when it came to her turn to introduce herself, “and I’ve been in the Tower a little over five months. I….don’t have any experience with fighting, Aes Sedai.” She could not tell whether those were snickers she heard around her; her ears were ringing with apprehension. The fist she tremblingly raised next was soft and fleshy, with her wrist slightly cocked back as if to express a question, and her thumb straight alongside her other folded fingers. She could feel the Aielwoman’s critical gaze on her.

OOC: *moment of laughter* For the record, that is not how I personally make a fist. *wink*

Alright, so I de-italicized my own post. :)

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        • OOC: Good jobSinead Sedai, Mon Oct 16 11:10am
          Good job, you can move on. :) I believe this will be the last lesson of this type you'll have to complete! ~Marla
    • What the fat! — Novice Lilli Bloom, Mon Sep 18 8:00pm
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