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Marring the Serenity
Thu Sep 21, 2006 8:09am (XFF:

Upon exiting the warmth of the building, Kareen immediately regretted having left her cloak behind. Though the sea had held it’s chills, she was far less used to the throes of winter inland. Here, water froze and fell to the ground in white flakes, something Kareen never thought she’d see in her life. It was a graceful kind of weather, but still cold. A quick look around showed that the Accepted had stopped, indicating Kareen should do the same. As the two, almost blending into the white scenery behind them in the monotonous whites they were forced to wear, stood just out of reach of the warmth that the Tower contained, the Accepted showed Kareen a weave. No doubt this weave would come in handy for the upcoming winter. This would be Kareens first full winter inland. She had arrived some eight months prior when the winter was dying down and the beginnings of spring were in bloom.

Taking careful note of what it took to make the weave, Kareen found it to be quite simple. She had experience with the Power from her eight months here, and such a simple weave should be nothing for her. Novices of her ability should be expected to perform such simple weaves quickly. The Accepted did not allow Kareen to try out her newly discovered weave before they continued on to where the lesson was inevitably to take place. Kareen did not worry too much about it, the correct structure and flow was stored away easily in her mind, as most information was.

The instructions given by the Accepted were a little surprising to Kareen. She had not had a lesson of this sort. Then again, maybe Kareen should not have been so surprised. Her very first lesson had allowed her to take two trips outside the Tower Walls, where she had only returned a handful of times thereafter. It was rather dispiriting to know she had hardly been outside these confining wall since her arrival. Kareen shook her head. Her thought had been wandering lately, and that was no good. She had to focus.

Again, Kareen was shown a weave. Still remaining simple in it’s structure but harder than the first no doubt. Fortunately, it was a weave made purely from her strongest Elements. Kareen had no trouble seeing how the weave was created, and it was still perfect in her minds eye. After the Accepted was finished showing the weave, she spoke again, this time a little more specific about what she was to be doing in the snow to her left. She watched quietly as the Accepted demonstrated how the weave she just taught was to be used in finding the treasures. Kareen nodded her head quietly, intent upon the lesson.

Sorcha let her go then to complete what they had come outside to do, and Kareen complied. Turning away from the Accepted she embraced the Source. It came so easily now, it had been a long time since she had needed to try to embrace. Not a moment later, she was surrounded by the glow of one embracing saidar, though she couldn’t see it around herself. She took a thread of Fire and wove it into the same pattern as the Accepted. Kareen placed no more loops around her than had the Accepted. Her stubbornness to show weakness was apparent again in that she would not even allow herself any more warmth than that for this lesson. She would not need any more warmth than had the Accepted surely.

As she had been told, she held the weave, without tying it or letting it go. She immediately grasped threads of Water and Air and began weaving the lattice-like structure of this wall she was creating. It took a second try before she found the flow suitable, the weaves were close enough together to create a sturdy wall of Water and Air. Without hesitating, Kareen stepped into the field. She prepared herself for the cold that normally was accompanied with snow that she was still new to. As her foot came in contact with the ground however, she felt nothing of the sort. She was still surrounded by the warmth that the weave of Fire created, and before her, te snow seemed to dissipate and harden so it was a walkable path. A useful weave for certain.

After the first experience with stepping onto the field, Kareen felt a bit more confident. She walked on, striding easily through the path she carved in the unmarred snow. It was almost as enjoyable just to be walking around in this labyrinth she was creating. She crossed an already made path a few times before she found her first treasure. When she approached the object, she suddenly felt the wall tense, as if preparing for something. And then it simply stopped for a moment, forcing Kareen to stop as well. Ever so slowly, like mud, the wall passed through th barrier. It was no real surprise to Kareen when she found an object to be lying on the ground where the wall had just been. Looking down at the object curiously, Kareen bent to pick it up. She neither knew what it was nor how it was a treasure, but she placed it in her pouch anyway. Sorcha would explain later what it was Kareen assumed.

The process continued over the next 20 minutes, Kareen making her slow way around the field and stopping on occasion only to pick up another object she would simply place in her pouch for later assessment. By the time she had found the fifth treasure, Kareen was feeling a bit tired, having held two weaves, which used a little effort in itself, for 20 minutes. Kareen exited the field, and approached the Accepted. She let go of the flow for the wall. She was no longer in the snow, and as a result had no use for it. Kareen did keep hold of the flow of Fire however, as she had been instructed to do for the entirety of the lesson while they were outside.

Pulling off her pouch, she opened it and held it out to the Accepted. Having just completed the task, Kareen thought she would be permitted to ask the question she so wanted to. “What are they, Accepted?” Even thinking about something else, Kareen still remembered formality. She left her pouch hanging outstretched for the Accepted to take and waited silently for the reply.

OOC: I’m so sorry this took so long... >.< I’ve been so amazingly busy lately, even I’m surprised at my lack of time. XDD Anyway, again, sorry. ^.^

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