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Part 1: How to Punch
Sun Oct 8, 2006 3:39pm (XFF:

Sinead listened to the introductions and tried not to let her concern over how few had actually come to the class show on her face. Had the Tower's novice and Accepted compliment been reduced so much, or had the policy on missing classes been allowed to become so loose that they didn't care about the consequences? She hid her concern, and listened as novices and Accepted introduced themselves and showed what they thought a proper fist would be. Only one or two actually got it right; Sinead made a note to work with them privately. The others however... Yes. I can see why Madeline wanted this class taught. Any one of the children gathered in front of her could have been grabbed up and stuffed in a trolloc stew pot -One Power or no One Power- without too much of a fight.

"Thank you," she said quietly as the last novice -a whisp of a girl, Sinead suddenly hoped she would not harm her- finished her introduction. "You probably know to some extent why I requested you show me your best efforts at making a fist," she commented in a conversational tone, walking down the short line of students. "One of the best ways to hurt yourself more than your opponent is by trying to hit that opponent with a badly-formed fist. You could risk severe damage to your hand, write, and arm all the way to your shoulder. Therefore, the primary goal of this portion of class is to practice the proper way to first form a fist, and then punch." She stopped in front of the girl who had introduced herself as Lilli, and looked her straight in the eye. "The element of surprise is also key in self defense- no one expects an innocent girl with a little too much weight on her to be able to punch accurately and with damaging force, which is precisely why it is very important that you know what you are doing." She didn't wait to see how Lilli would resopnd to that. Hopefully she wouldn't be too insulted.

"Forming a fist is simple. Curl your fingers in until your fingernails press the lower part of your palm, and then wrap your thumb around your second set of knuckles." She demonstrated, ending by wrapping her thumb around the set of knuckles just below her fingernails. "Don't hold the fist so tightly that your fingernails cut into your palm, and do not leave your thumb straight- either of those can and probably will result in broken bones, disjointed knuckles, or your thumbnail being ripped entirely off if it catches on something when you pull back after the punch." She noticed that Jeseia looked a little pale, and wondered why. Surely a damane of the novice's years had seen more than enough fighting to overcome a queasy stomach? She held her hand up. "There is one other key element to forming a proper fist- keep your wrist straight. When you ball up your hand, your hand will almost automatically curve back; you want the back of your hand and your wrist to form one straight, solid line, no matter what. I cannot emphasize enough how much damage can be done to your body by a single malformed fist." She stopped for a moment as her assistant Sharra came into the yard. She gave the short Yellow sister a nod of welcome, then continued with her lecture.

"Now. When it comes to actual punching, you want to use the leverage of your own body to provide as much weight as possible behind your fist when you swing. There are a number of ways to do this; for me, because I am tall, I tend to swing from the side, using my torso to put strength into the strike. For shorter people," she eyed Jeseia, and a dark haired man who might have been Cairhienin, "you may want to practice coming from beneath, to punch through the stomach and into the rib cage. Remember that doing that does require a lot of pre-existing strength, so if you plan on using that method, you'll need to practice- preferably daily. Finally...never punch downwards unless you are standing over someone and you're aiming at their face- and even then, consider clocking that person over the head with a brick or something else heavy instead- much more affective, less damaging to your body, and gives you plenty of time to get away." She flexed her fingers thoughtfully. "One thing you want to do when you throw a punch is to actually punch through your target, not directly at it. When you punch, pretend that the thing you are striking is actually two to three inches behind what you're actually facing; your fist will gain more momentum, and thus more force. It will also prevent your fist from popping back from the punch -likely causing nothing but annoyance to your assailaqnt- because your subconscious doesn't expect you to hit something so quickly. You'll feel the force all the way to your shoulder, which is how it should be."

Embracing the sweet abundance of saidar, she channeled Air and Spirit to create a faintly blue cushion hanging in mid air before her. She punched the Power-made punching bag with all her might and it doubled beneath the blow then swayed a little, but did not swing wildly out of control. "Now honestly, you should endeavor to avoid situations where you have to start swinging punches altogether, but I prefer to teach this first, and then move into evasive tactics later on, because when the going gets rough, it's better to punch now, think later." She pushed a stray strand of hair out of her face and surveyed her class.

"There are punching bags there," she ponted to the opposite end of the court. "I would like you each to spend fifteen minutes practicing punches. If you are hurt, Sharra Sedai will Heal you- but I genuinely hope you will remember what I have said. I will be coming to each of you in turn to help you individually, so please don't hesitate to ask questions!

Lilli, it looks like you're the only one attending (besides my own novice), so this is mostly just for you, I suppose. :P
Basically, just RP practicing punches and Sinead coming to help you. Feel free to play her as you need to, just be aware that she will not make disparaging comments, nor will she call lilli anything other than her name unless she's really childish. Sharra is short and plump, from Shienar. She's friendly but very rank-oriented. She is here purely to Heal- if you ask her a question about self defense, she will direct you to Sinead. :P

I'm probably going to post 2 + 3 together, tonight or tomorrow, and that way if you want to do it all at once and get credit quickly you can do so, and anyone else who may want to join in can do it all at once with plenty of time to finish up. :)

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        • OOC: Good jobSinead Sedai, Mon Oct 16 11:10am
          Good job, you can move on. :) I believe this will be the last lesson of this type you'll have to complete! ~Marla
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