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And how not to
Sun Oct 8, 2006 6:53pm (XFF:

A crimson heat suffused her cheeks even as the Aes Sedai moved away, but in all honestly she wasn’t affronted, nor her pride damaged. Pride? Any such thing had been made malleable way back when, and there wasn’t much in this world that could daunt her in that sense anymore. Lilli nodded to herself, purely understanding and accepting. Of course she was an innocent girl with a little bit too much weight on her; it defined her perfectly. She was only grateful for the advice the Aes Sedai had given her, if anything, not to mention she trembled that the Aiel woman had even spoken to her. If I do, in some miraculous way, become a passable fighter, no one would ever be able to suspect by looking at my appearance. Sinead Sedai continued to lecture about fist formations, positioning of the body, and the types of punches delivered, and per usual in any lesson Lilli listened raptly, her gaze unwavering from that of their instructor up front. When the Aes Sedai embraced saidar, she was overjoyed in the fact that yes, she could perfectly see the halo of light around her now—a feat unable a few months ago—, and when she channeled, she ogled at the ease with which her flows were produced and melded.

The Aiel Aes Sedai punched, and Lilli watched in admiring fascination. The power behind that swing… I’ll never get like that. “Now honestly,” Sinead Sedai spoke, “you should endeavor to avoid situations where you have to start swinging punches altogether, but I prefer to teach this first, and then move into evasive tactics later on, because when the going gets rough, it’s better to punch now, think later.” There was irrefutable logic in those words, but the steel in them astonished her, leaving her all the more gaping at the Aes Sedai. Perhaps I’m nothing more than an innocent girl after all.

“You can kind of move anytime today, you know,” came the snide voice from behind her, and Lilli spun to perceive the form of one of the girls she had entered the class with. It was then that she realized that Sinead Sedai had instructed them to start practicing what she had just taught them. Novices even now were milling towards the punching bags she had designated, and taking their turns in short twosome or threesome queues to have their time in practicing. Lilli swiftly joined the back of one of the queues, and watched as the novice up front delivered his punches at the oblong sac. She wondered worriedly what the sacs were filled with; was it sand? Rocks? Her worry deepened when she perceived the presence of the Yellow. If a Yellow sister was required to be here, was that premonition that they would get hurt? Staring down at the soft flesh of her hands, she winced.

The ‘line’ before her diminished far more swiftly than she would have liked it to, quarter of an hour each or not. Soon it became her turn, and soon she hesitatingly approached the punching bag with a little more than trepidation. She carefully formed her hands into balls, tucking her fingers in and aligning her thumb with her second set of knuckles as the Aes Sedai had instructed her to, but this in itself took a while. She thought she heard someone to tell her to hurry up and get going already. Warily regarding the sac hanging motionlessly before her, Lilli thrust her fist towards it. It hardly budged.

Her eyes were large as she attempted to swing forth her other hand, the left one, but being as this was her ‘weaker side’ to begin with, the sac budged even less. In fact, her fist glanced off and she nearly lost her balance in standing. Snickers from behind.

It wasn’t long until she felt the presence of somebody swiftly approaching her. Turning her flustered face towards the person, she saw that it was Sinead Sedai, and she slightly cringed inside with greater apprehension. Light, but she felt so self-conscious when instructors came to her in lessons to ‘privately’ observe her successes! The lack thereof. The Aiel woman told her to try again, and taking an unsteady breath, Lilli thrust forth. It was a little better this time, she thought with a bit of hope, albeit the bag hardly moved this time either.

The Aes Sedai circled a middling area on the sac with a finger. “Try aiming for right here, Lilli,” she instructed. She took hold of Lilli’s right fist and guided it through the air. “Like this, not like this.” She mimicked what Lilli had been doing previously, which, to Lilli’s untrained and soft eye, wasn’t that much different—but there had to have been a significant difference. Sinead Sedai guided Lilli’s left hand as well, each time telling her what not to do and what to do. “Now try it on your own,” she was told, and swallowing, Lilli nodded. She punched. “That is a little better. Again.” She punched. Somewhere between the next half a dozen punches she began to get into the steady rhythm of it, and sighting Sinead Sedai’s somewhat approving nod Lilli felt elatedness gushing through her. Of course, she knew very well that this was still much lacking from what one would call the ideal punching, and the bag was still hardly budging, but at least she was beginning to get the form right. It was a start. Right?

OOC: Thank you for teaching me, then! :)

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    • And how not to — Novice Lilli Bloom, Sun Oct 8 6:53pm
      • OOC: Good jobSinead Sedai, Mon Oct 16 11:10am
        Good job, you can move on. :) I believe this will be the last lesson of this type you'll have to complete! ~Marla
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