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Fighting off Demons
Mon Oct 9, 2006 2:03am (XFF:

Jeseia stared at the tall woman -Aiel, she had heard, though what that precisely meant she still didn't know- in consternation. Hit that? she thought dubiously, circling around the punching bag she had been assigned. That's going to hurt though. She eyed her hands, and completely ignored the impatient comments of those students waiting behind her. So did Nari's beatings, she reminded herself. So did the time they thought it would be funny to make you Complete with a male channeler. Her breath hissed as she sucked it through her teeth. No. Nothing could possibly be worse than that pain.

Straightening, she doubled up her fists in the way Sinead had demonstrated, and made sure her wrist was absolutely straight. Then, summoning an image of Naritama into her mind, she plasted that image over the burlap sack that hung before her, and swung at it with all the strength her tiny body could sum up. As her hand sang through the air, she imagined punching through that pretty face, right through it, smashing it to pieces, watching it crumple into pain the way it had made her feel so many times before. I hate you...!

Thump! The force of the blow knocked her to the side and she lost her balance. As she fell, she heard laughter, and her face began to heat in embarrassed anger. Before she'd even hit the ground she'd already braced herself, and jumped back up before she allowed her body to register pain. The image of sul'dam Nari still in her head, she barely saw the punching bag, and ceased to register the taunts of her classmates as she advanced on her enemy. You will pay for every beating, every last punishment, every second you spent trying to get into my head! Thump! I want you to suffer. I want you to feel it ALL. Thump! You Light-forsaken bag of bile, DIE! Thump! Thump!

She pulled back again, blind to everything about her, and when she swung forward once more, her hand met another hand, not the punching bag. Shock woke her from her mindless fury; she blinked several times, and looked up....and up....and up...into a radiant halo of red hair that surrounded an ageless face. Sinead Sedai stood in front of her, looking down at her with something akin to pity in her green eyes. "When I said practice, I didn't mean to beat out your demons, Jeseia," the Aes Sedai said mildly, letting the flows that held the punching bag out of reach fade, so it fell back into place. Then she squatted down so her face was at an even level with the novice's. "Someday you'll get a chance to fight back at those who hurt you, I promise. Now, however, is not the time for that." Jeseia blinked at her, mesmerized by the sincerity in this seemingly emotionless woman. She understands.

Relief flooded her, and the small Seanchan woman abruptly felt her knees go wobbly; she grabbed wildly at something -anything- to hold her up, and came up, again, against Sinead's hand. The Blue sister merely reached out and took her by the shoulder, holding her up with one arm. "Take a breath, child. Now." A life time of subservience caused Jeseia to begin inhaling before the Aes Sedai had even finished speaking; by the time she had exhaled, anger had flared again- this time annoyance at her own instant obedience. "Take another. I know you're angry, but breathing helps. If you still want to beat something after you've calmed down, I would be more than happy to be your punching bag- the other novices need a chance at this one."

The Aes Sedai's eyes never wavered, and Jeseia felt shame flooding her as she carefully took deep breath after deep breath, feeling the anger and fear slowly washing from her body as she did so. "Thank you, Sinead Sedai," she whispered, her gaze transferring from the red head's face to the ground they stood on. "I will behave." With one last reassuring squeeze, the tanned hand lifted from her shoulder, and then Sinead stood and moved away. Taking one more deep breath, Jeseia stepped back up, and slowly, counting beneath her breath to make sure she didn't lose control again, she began to punch, each one measured and even. By the time she had completed the remainder of her allotted fifteen minutes her knuckles were sore, her face sweaty, and her mind settled; turning away, she made her way back to the other side of the practice yard, to watch -along with the other students- the remainder of the practice work.

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      • OOC: Good jobSinead Sedai, Mon Oct 16 11:10am
        Good job, you can move on. :) I believe this will be the last lesson of this type you'll have to complete! ~Marla
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