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Part 2: Escape
Sun Oct 15, 2006 4:12pm (XFF:

Watching her students carefully, Sinead moved from man to woman to novice to Accepted, repositioning a hand here, re-demonstrating the proper way to punch there. While she doubted many of her pupils would ever be masters at hand to hand combat, at the end of each fifteen minute segment she saw at least minor improvement, and therefore she held hope that they would retain what she taught. Finally she deemed it time to return to the other end of the yard, where she waited patiently until the last few students had finished. While they gathered before her -some nursing bruised knuckles that Sharra had refused to heal on the basis that bruises were not life-endangering- Sinead studied each of them separately, attempting to decide who she should “volunteer”for the next portion.

Coming to a decision, she reached out and grabbed a tall man's hand, twisting his fingers up at a painful angle that he couldn't tug out of. “You yellow bellied coward,” she hissed at him, tugging him away from the other novices. His attention split between insult and the pain in his fingers, he did not notice that she had also reached with her other hand, and within a moment she had her arm around his neck in a strangle hold, and his left hand still held in that painful grip. While she held him, she spoke again. “In a fight on the street, there is no such thing as honor. Whoever you are facing can and will cheat, use every dirty trick in the book, and exploit your weaknesses- including calling you names to distract you from what is really happening.” She let her captive go, and he returned to his place, rubbing his throat and muttering. She ignored it for now- if he kept the attitude up, Madeline would notice, and things would be changed without her intervention.

“With that in mind, it is very important that you first try to avoid being in that situation at all. Aes Sedai as a rule tend to go to dangerous places, many of them where they simply cannot channel. Many of us have Warders to protect us at those times, but sometimes we get separated, and therefore it is important that even those of us who plan on bonding an army of Warders should still know how to protect ourselves.”

“First of all, common sense. Generally speaking, the poorer the city, the more dangerous it is to walk alone, but that is not always the case- there are sections even in Tar Valon itself where it would be dangerous for a woman to walk alone. Even if you are in a city with a nearly nonexistent crime rate, it is still good to practice caution. If it's dark, don't walk down alleys or narrow streets; don't go into dark buildings alone. No matter how big and strong you are,” she nodded to the man she had captured, “you can still be overwhelmed.” She smiled slightly. “It is generally a good practice to carry a weapon, but in some cases that is impossible. Therefore, when you are alone, you should practice looking in all directions at once. I cannot teach that skill in a single class; you will need to keep at it on your own.”

“Now in the unavoidable instance that you have to put yourself in danger, then be prepared to escape- at all times. Be aware of the quickest route back to a more heavily populated area, and stay near that route if at all possible. Women will have a much more difficult time with this than men, as we are smaller,” she grinned at the titters that went through the class, as only one person there came close to matching her height, “lighter, and we must wear skirts- for the most part.” She smiled slightly to cover her own irritation at that most cumbersome of annoyance. Cadin'sor made my life so much easier.

“For this portion of the lesson, you are to consider this map of Tar Valon and the White Tower grounds,” she placed a very large roll of parchment on the table, and carefully spread it, placing four stones on the corners to keep it in place. “We are here,” she pointed to the approximate location of the yard they were in. “The main gate has fallen into the hands of trollocs, and the only side gate currently in operation is to the south west. The main hall of the White Tower is currently jam-packed with Tar Valon refugees, and there are random knots of darkfriends and trollocs scattered throughout the grounds and the city of Tar Valon. The main ways are certainly guarded by Darkfriends. Your goal is to make it from here to the northeast bridge out of Tar Valon without “dying”. Because many of you are novices, you cannot actually perform this task -unfortunately- but with the aid of this map, you can plot it out here.”

Sharra channeled -being far stronger in Spirit than Sinead- and a scattering of dots appeared on the map, some white, some black. “The black spots are Shadowsworn. The white are the Light's army,” Sinead explained. There were far more black dots than white, and they moved much faster. “These dots,” the Yellow channeled again, and a collection of dots in a variety of colors appeared, “are you. You can move yours by touching it, and then moving your finger to where you want it to go. They will move at relative speed to the map- so about as fast as you would move if it were you and you were actually in the city.” The map was quite large enough for the group of novices and Accepted to gather around and perform this activity all at once; the Aielwoman smiled slightly. “Please pay attention to the markings- a solid line is a wall that cannot be scaled in reasonable time. A dotted line is a low wall, a curved line represents brush or some other minor obstacle that may make it difficult for those in skirts to get through. If you touch a black dot, you will “die” resulting in failure of the course.” With one last small weave of Spirit as a mercy to her students, Sharra placed a gray dot on the gateway to get out of the Tower grounds, one on their current location, and one on the bridge they were to reach. “We will be watching, but we will not be helping. You may begin.”

OOC: I hope this is fun. :P I wanted to make it them actually out there doing it, but that seemed a bit too large-scale for a class. Once you touch a dot, it will become “you,” and you won't be able to move any of the others.

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      • OOC: Good jobSinead Sedai, Mon Oct 16 11:10am
        Good job, you can move on. :) I believe this will be the last lesson of this type you'll have to complete! ~Marla
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