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Part 3: Choke Holds
Sun Oct 15, 2006 4:13pm (XFF:

Her students had done exceptionally well. With a broad smile, Sinead rolled up her parchment obstacle course, and leaned it against the wall. Sharra sat back and looked at the sky, her face reposed, but Sinead knew that Sharra had also been surprised by their success. “Very good work,” the red haired Aes Sedai said, her tone as approving as it had ever been. “Our next step then, is to learn how to physically get away from an actual assailant, not just to escape a dangerous situation.”

She gestured to the same novice -Marik, had he named himself?- she'd demonstrated on before, and he came forward, keeping his eyes sullenly on the ground. She stared at him in silence for several minutes until he looked up, and was rewarded with a dull red flush of embarrassment. She nodded to him, eyes cold, and he turned to face the rest of the class. “Now, when you're in a spot where you have to fight, you will have several objectives. The first- stay alive. Obviously. The second- Get away. The third- debilitate your opponent if there is no other option. In addition to hitting someone as I taught you earlier, there are numerous other, less training-reliant, ways of causing pain, that you should know about.

“Fingernails, for instance.” She held up Marik's perfectly clean and well-taken care of hands. “The Gaidin would be appalled to see hands like this, but for someone who does not normally fight with a weapon, these are perfect. Dig into the base of your assailant's own fingernails; scratch at their eyes- and the sensitive skin around them. Pinch their earlobes, or the webbing between thumb and forefinger; claw at whatever exposed skin there is, but try to aim for the softer, more sensitive skin of the face, under arms, neck, and stomach.” As she spoke, she pointed to the spot in question, her own blunt fingers -no fingernails to be found there!- barely touching the skin. “In addition to fingernails, you have other weapons. Most attackers will know to protect their groin and belly, but they may not expect you to grab their head,” she put both hands on Marik's skull, “and bring it down to knee level, where it is quite easy to destroy their face. Elbows are also quite effective, if a bit clumsy- you can smash a person's nose to pieces with an elbow. If your assailant is wearing soft shoes, stomp on their feet. If you're wearing heels -which I know is a fairly common practice- so much the better. If you're at a place where a scream might attract the military or someone to help you, please- make as much noise as possible while fighting. It will unsettle your opponent, sometimes resulting in that person choosing to run instead.

She stepped away from Marik. “These methods all require you to be quite close to your opponent however, and most of them assume that you have complete freedom to move. If you were in the position I had Marik in earlier, your only weapons would be your feet and one hand, and you wouldn't be able to see who is attacking you or what they're doing next. How would you propose to get out of a situation like that?” There were a few murmured answers, but not many. Sinead hadn't expected any, and therefore didn't pause long.

“When in that position, you have a couple of options. The first step to any of them, however, is to get leverage. Make sure you are solidly on your own feet, and won't stumble if he -or she- abruptly lets go. Then, clench all your throat muscles, and turn your head so your throat is in the crook of the arm. Yes, you will need to go against instinct and turn in to the hold. This actually gives you some room to breath, and the clenched muscles will protect you if he decides to tighten his grip.” She grinned slightly. “Once in that position, you will need to decide which route to take next. I personally prefer to stomp down -hard- on his feet, and bite the inside of his arm as hard as I can- I try at all times to take skin with me when I bite. No Marik, I will not be demonstrating on you,” she added with a small laugh. “Your other option would be to head butt your captor- let your head pull forward as far as possible, and then jerk it back to slam into their face. It's painful, but it can be very affective.”

She took a breath. “The other choke hold you may find yourself in is with two hands about your throat. Marik, would you care to demonstrate?” The novice uncertainly reached up and held her by the throat; Sinead noted silently that if he were truly attacking her, he'd already be on his back and she'd be fifty feet away, but the mere pose would work. “In this position, you would first need to regain balance,” she shifted her feet so her right rested a bit behind the left, “and then swing your arm up,” she swung her left arm up, and at the same time twisted her body. Moving slowly, so it would not actually hurt the novice, she pantomimed her fist hitting his face; his grip loosened, she brought her right elbow up in the space that provided, and gently rested it against the side of his face where -if he had actually attacked her- it would've struck with enough force to knock him out. She paused like that for a moment before twisting out of his grip and standing straight once more.

“That is generally all it takes to get free. If, however, that doesn't work, you can try throwing yourself at your attacker, and smacking your forehead against his face as hard as you can. This is painful -as most head butts are- but your forehead can put up with a lot more pain than your throat can.” She stopped for breath, and for her words to fully sink in, before continuing.

“Your objective in this last test is to break free of my grip in three minutes or less,” she said at last. She saw Jeseia's face go pale as a sheet. “I will not hold you painfully, but I will hold you securely. I want you to use all methods necessary to break free- Sharra Sedai can heal me if you do any real harm.” Her students stared at her in understandable apprehension. “Consider it your one chance to strike out at authority,” Sinead said mildly, “I promise I won't even feel it.” Pain seemed an alien concept to her; she would be surprised if even a gaidin could make her feel anything, let alone an unpracticed novice or Accepted.

Her eyes lined them up against the wall before she reached for a blond Accepted, spun her around, and wrapped her arm gently but firmly about her throat.

OOC: Because I took so long to get these parts up, even though this lesson should technically end today, you can take a bit longer to post if you need to. My fault, not yours, so you should hardly be punished for it. :P

Hope you had fun, and see you next class. ;)

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