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The Coveted Pink Dot
Sun Oct 29, 2006 12:04am (XFF:

Lilli was all but agape as their instructor overpowered the large-bodied young man with remarkable ease, her holds on him cleverly enacted to produce joint-wrenching pain. The Aiel sister knows what stretch of skin hurts and how to manipulate that. It was a shuddersome thought that sent a strange horrible thrill through her; she felt the sudden urge to snuggle in the comfort of warm bedcovers. She went on to continue about honor and the lack of, and that in the streets the perpetrators would exploit one’s weaknesses and take advantage of them. She listened to every word wide-eyed, and a dreadful fear clenched her insides. It nearly happened to me, once. In Whitebridge. The guards were many there, but in all cities there are alleyways few people ever frequent. Why, then, she had exactly been there at that time was still a mystery for her. But Mariandre had said…

She missed her sister. Had she been anyone else she would have hated her older kin, but she was Lilli Bloom. She loved without condition, and her sister’s situation was an example of this concept. If Mariandre told her to do something, she had executed it without fail or hesitation. If Mariandre had told her she must get fat, then she must. “With that in mind, it is very important that you first try to avoid being in that situation at all,” Sinead Sedai’s lecturing voice wrenched her free from her thoughts, “Aes Sedai as a rule tend to go to dangerous places, many of them where they simply cannot channel. Many of us have Warders to protect us at those times, but sometimes we get separated, and therefore it is important that even those of us who plan on bonding an army of Warders should still know how to protect ourselves.”

An army of Warders? It was a fantastical thought, and picturing it made her blush. Of course, picturing herself as a self-possessed Aes Sedai was hard enough, let alone bonded to a Gaidin; when and if it got to that point, she was for sure that she wouldn’t have enough courage to enact such a thing. Asking a man to, ultimately speaking, become your soulmate! It was like proposing for wedlock, was it not? That was the man’s job, not the woman’s, and yet Aes Sedai were not average women. Light, it was complicated, and she was frightened and worried for her future. What would become of her? “Now in the unavoidable instance that you have to put yourself in danger, then be prepared to escape—at all times,” their instructor was saying, “Be aware of the quickest route back to a more heavily populated area, and stay near that route if at all possible. Women will have a much more difficult time with this than men, as we are smaller, lighter, and we must wear skirts—for the most part.”

The Aielwoman, Sinead Sedai, was nothing akin to ‘small’, when pertaining to height, but Lilli understood what she meant. She reflected upon her own appearance, and the strength that reciprocated that. She was short like the average Cairhienin, and yet her width might have satisfied a good-sized barrel. Her strength, in turn, was pitifully nonexistent, and ‘softness’ was the word to describe the entirety of her. I can’t even run fast, even if I did have an escape route in mind. I’d never be able to outrun those bad people. She worried her lip, but her watery blue gaze was determined upon swallowing up whatever information Sinead Sedai was feeding them; it was why people like her took classes like this, was it not? To improve?

It was then that the Aes Sedai brought out what looked like a large piece of canvas. When it was rolled out and flattened they were able to perceive that it was a huge rendition of those pocket maps travelers coming into Tar Valon carried—whose rolls one was able to find at the gatehouses. Sinead Sedai explained that Trollocs had invaded Tar Valon and that the White Tower’s Main Gate had fallen, which was a most horrific scenario had it been for real. The only gate that was useable was in the southwestern direction; Lilli had to double-check her directional logic to figure out what way that was in. Their goal, Sinead Sedai informed them, was to mark their destination as the northeast bridge of the city without ‘dying’. And then the sister channeled, and queer little dots appeared on the map, earning the delighted gasps of several of the novices, including herself.

There were three types of dots—well, four if counting the gray ones—, the first type white, the second black, and the third type multi-hued, representing them. The game began with Sinead Sedai’s announcing, and the excited novices reached forth to lay their finger on the dot that was to be them. In the hustle Lilli was shoved roughly to the right, but the map was gargantuan, so there was plenty of space; she peered at the map with widened eyes, and reached for a pink dot, but her sausage-like finger was pushed away by a yellow-haired girl who took the pink dot for herself. Pausing, Lilli placed her slightly trembling finger on one of the last dots remaining, a teal-colored one. By this time the other novices were already immersed in the maze of the passageways, and swallowing, she eagerly set off on her own journey.

However, this was not as easy as it looked. The black dots teeming on the map seemed prominent, like a horde of crawling ants, and Lilli flinched as a pack of them bunched around the gate, waiting. She reached out with a tentative finger and poked an inch out of the square that designated the main hall, and slightly to her surprise the teal dot did follow her. It exited the hall through the door and traveled outside, all at the pace of a crawl, and staring wide-eyed for a moment, Lilli quickly jabbed her finger again in the direction of the gardens. The dot followed. The southwestern gate… How does one get to the southwestern gate? Have I even been there before, ever? She could not remember, but she could feel a strange franticness mounting in her. She jabbed here and there, making her dot weave in and out of passageways she could not remember in real life, and mysteriously enough, she was suddenly standing in front of the southwestern gate.

I don’t even know how that happened. She couldn’t even think properly for all the urgency pounding in her ears. It didn’t help that the other novices were getting excited as well, and beginning to make all sorts of noises; several of the girls had decided to team up, and they were moving in pairs or even threesomes, shouting directions and opinions at each other. It wasn’t long until the threesome were caught, and they cried shrilly as the black dots ‘obliterated’ their colored ones. Lilli couldn’t tell for sure, as she was concentrating on her own, but she thought the pink dot had been amongst that lot.

She was outside the encompassments of the White Tower now, and she raced along throughways, working slowly and cautiously and at a measured pace. The others concentrated on speed, but considering she couldn’t even run fast in real life anyway, she thought it suitable. Once or twice she had to resort to crossing a ‘dotted line’, which represented a light obstacle, and she found that when she did so the dot moved excruciatingly slow from one side to another. She was climbing the hedge, she could picture herself. In real life I wouldn’t even dream of it. Climbing a hedge? Me? At several occasions she found herself pursued by a black dot, but thankfully it never grew to a whole troop or so, because otherwise she would never have been able to run away from it. It was hard enough avoiding single dots.

Much time later, and one of the last to reach her goal amongst those that did, she found herself reaching the designated bridge, and the gray dot that indicated the gateway. Her true self was panting and sweating slightly as she jabbed the map one last time. I did it. I don’t know how, but I did it.

OOC: Fun part of lesson! :) My reply was kind of not up to par, but it was fun!

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