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My Own Technique
Sun Oct 29, 2006 12:34am (XFF:

“Fingernails, for instance,” their instructor said, and Lilli took the chance to observe her own. Her fingers were soft and round, and its nails were squat and short. She basically had none of the latter she could speak of, and ample supply of the first. “Dig into the base of your assailant's own fingernails,” Sinead Sedai was saying, “scratch at their eyes—and the sensitive skin around them. Pinch their earlobes, or the webbing between thumb and forefinger; claw at whatever exposed skin there is, but try to aim for the softer, more sensitive skin of the face, under arms, neck, and stomach.” Each time a part of the body was mentioned, Lilli flinched inwardly as if actually feeling the pain in those areas; indeed, she felt each of the aforementioned part of skin twinge. The Aes Sedai then demonstrated something their attacker might not expect, which was a rough shoving down of the person’s head and kneeing it sharply. Lilli cowered even further into herself. Light, but that would hurt!

Shuddering at the gruesome image that had lodged into her head, she continued to listen as Sinead Sedai described what one would do if stuck in a lock like the one she had demonstrated earlier on in the lesson for that male novice. Lilli watched either scenarios, the two different types of ‘choke holds’, with large-eyed fascination, and she could not help but feel a pang of sympathy for whoever was enacting the choke hold. Ironically enough, she realized after a moment. But the retribution of the choke hold would hurt much more than the choke hold itself! She wondered if she was ever placed in such a situation as being strangled by someone, whether she’d have the heart to stimulate something as merciless.

“That is generally all it takes to get free. If, however, that doesn’t work, you can try throwing yourself at your attacker, and smacking your forehead against his face as hard as you can. This is painful—as most head butts are—but your forehead can put up with a lot more pain than your throat can.” She winced, and blushed when several of the novices standing in her vicinity turned their heads to stare at her curiously; raising her hand to her head, she wondered whether this was really true. Though it had to be, if an Aes Sedai said it. Still, her case might have been an exception. “Your objective in this last test,” their instructor said then, “is to break free of my grip in three minutes or less.” Lilli wondered for a moment whether she had heard correctly. Eyes widening into saucers, she leaned forward as if that would banish hearing wrong things. “I will not hold you painfully, but I will hold you securely. I want you to use all methods necessary to break free—Sharra Sedai can heal me if you do any real harm. Consider it your one chance to strike out at authority. I promise I won’t even feel it.”

Her heart did a double-take. If that was the objective, then none of them would pass the class! To beat an Aiel in a fight was impossible! However, she realized with a further sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach that it wasn’t actually a fight at all. What they had to do was to escape from the Aes Sedai’s deadlock. At least when there was a possibility of us having to fight her it was impossible enough that I would have felt safe. We all of us would have failed. However, there is utterly no chance I will be able to succeed in this! Others may, but… Her mind ramblings came to a hiccupping stop when the Aes Sedai directed her gaze at her and beckoned her forward. Wonders how standing in a queue would go doubly fast when waiting for things such as this, whereas standing in a line for lunch was a most tedious thing.

She inched forward, hunched over in her cowering, and winced aloud when Sinead’s strong arms enveloped her neck. It wasn’t a real choke hold, of course, seeing as she still found herself able to breathe, and yet it was still snug and frightening. And I’m not even claustrophobic! She turned herself awkwardly so that her throat was nestled in the crook of the Aes Sedai’s elbow. At least….I don’t think so. Her mind blanked out for a moment, and she could not think whatsoever on what she was supposed to do next. Step on the Aes Sedai’s feet? But that would hurt! The concept of it just seemed wrong. So unethical! Unorthodox! How could she ever dare to do that to an Aes Sedai? Her three minutes were halfway through ticking by when Lilli closed her eyes in a pained expression, gritted her teeth, and sank her elbow into Sinead Sedai’s stomach. It bounced right off.

Light, her midriff was as hard as rocks! She was for sure her own elbow would port a bruise fairly soon. Sensing the class laughing at her expense, Lilli blinked back tears and considered what else she had been told. Bite the inside of her arm? Creator forbid! She had no desire to tear off a ‘portion of Sinead Sedai’s skin’, and yet her time was ticking by. She started to wiggle. Knowing she looked atrocious—or perhaps she didn’t—, she started squirming this way and that, her weight adding substance to the wild gyrations, so much so that the Aes Sedai, though her grip was strong, had to let go in order to prevent falling on the ground. Lilli, of course, fell flat on her face.

OOC: Oh, what a sad end! Poor kiddo. :) Thanks for the lesson, Marla! I’m privileged to attend the last lesson of these kind, ever. Sorry I took forever about it.

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