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Mira Delarges Sedai, MuC
Practical Channeling! (New format!)
Wed Nov 1, 2006 11:14am (XFF:

Mira Delarges was a typical Altaran woman. Typical Ebou Dari even. Her dark hair and deep brown eyes shaded a face that had been cut by two thin scars across her forehead and chin, scars that had thinned but not disappeared during the thirty years of her ageless appearance. There was a harsh beauty that surrounded her but Mira could never be considered pretty or beautiful. Unforgettable, certainly; there was a life and iron will in her dark eyes and although her mouth rarely formed a smile, it was all the more special when she bestowed it.

Mira Delarges was, at the very heart, a typical Red. She was bound, determined and dedicated to keeping the world safe from male channelers who had been taken by the taint, but she also recognized that the world had evolved and a miracle had occurred and the taint had been removed and she shifted her focus on helping to find men who were still affected by the taint and a possible danger to the world.

This had nothing to do with today, however.

The Novices had gathered on the eastern lawn that flanked the main square that marked the entrance to the White Tower and she stood among them, crimson skirts pulled up to reveal ivory skirts beneath, a deep oval cutout giving no one a mistaken impression of where she had come from. She smiled and one or two Novices flinched back from the gesture before they saw it was genuine. "Good morning, Novices, I'm glad to see such a good turnout. I'm Mira Sedai and this is Gerik Sedai and today I'm going to take you to the Northarbor docks, and because it's a bit of a walk, we've hired a couple of carriages to bring us"

Some of the Novices seemed excited at the prospect of riding in a carriage—she herself had never been in one until she came to the White Tower to learn how to channel. Others of more wealthy or noble birth either looked as if it were only natural or bore their arrogance on their features with self-satisfaction. The carriages drew up within a few moments of her statement and she began filing them into the large carriages, squeezing in a little to accommodate everyone—poking elbows and all. And thus began their quarter of an hour journey to the northern point of the island.

Five minutes into the journey, an axle snapped on the carriage, sending them lurching forward with a creak and a groan. Some of the Novices cried out in alarm, pitching forward, but Mira wove threads of Air in front of them to cushion them and put them back into their seats gently. Adjusting the threads with a few strands of Fire and Water, the restraints became a dull gray color in the shape of a bar or railing.

"Everyone get out of the carriage," she instructed gently but with a brisk tone. "Use the railing if you need to." As an afterthought, she continued, "Pay attention to what I do here as you're going to see some more practical uses of the Power."

Once the carriage was empty, Mira conferred with the driver and then he stood back with a resigned sigh. This had been part of it, it was all part of the plan in fact, but he was worried about the horses. A thin and weak weave of Spirit calmed the beasts however and she looked at the snapped axle. It was a simple matter of weaving Earth and Fire together, Fire to meld the two weakened points, Earth to forge it into a single length again, but the first matter was to lift the carriage off the ground.

She was strongest in Water and then Spirit, lifting something so heavy was beyond her unless she employed other means. Such as a lever. Solidifying an arm thick weave of Air wasn't beyond her and she pulled the skeins of white threads together, using another weave of Air as the middle point and the bar of Air as a lever to tip the carriage onto the two good wheels.

Repairing the axel was next. The flows drew out from her, and although Fire and Earth weren't her strongest Powers, she was able to manipulate them with enough strength to blend the two ends together. Most things with the Power, she had learned, relied more on a knowledge of the process and some dexterity rather than brute and raw strength.

Levering the carriage back down, it lowered to the cobblestones with a creak and held. Delving into the metal, it was holding firm and fast and was probably better off than before—anything Power forged generally was. They were just beginning to get back into the vehicle when there was a distant scream, though it was one more of a beast-like nature than a human's, and then a terrible rattle and roar as around the bend of the road and horse had begun stampeding. It had just come upon them when it reared in fear and surprise and turned, the cart holding a massive amount of water sharply falling to the railing and spitting a thick sheet of water toward them.

With flows of Water and Air, she split the water from hitting them, spraying it around them and directing it to the ground with blankets of Water and Air threads. It splashed harmlessly on the stones, perhaps scattering up a little mud along the hems and little else. Another thicker weave of Spirit laced over the rearing and startled horse and it came down on all four hooves, eyes rolling, though his breathing was less labored than before. A man approached almost immediately following her demonstration and grabbed the leather of the bridle. "He didn't hurt anyone did he? Bloody cats! Raced out and scared 'em good. Well thankee for your help, Aes Sedai."

The remainder of the trip to Northarbor happened without further incident, but Mira heard, with some amusement, the Novices muttering about "bad luck". Little did they know that it had happened for their benefit.

The sights and sounds of the harbor filled the air just as the scent of river, tar and pitch filled the nose. Turning to the Novices, she said, "Those of you who are strongest with Air and or Water, move to this side of the pier, those of you who are strongest in Fire and or Earth, to the left. Those of you who have particular strength in Spirit, stay right here. The men of the docks are going to use our help in doing some rather practical things with the Power. A Brown by the name of Gerik Sedai stood off to the side, giving her a vague wave of recognition.

"You might have seen some of the things you might be asked to help with." She smiled. "Such as lifting objects with Air and being creative while doing so, mending metal that has snapped beyond its threshold point, calming animals. And that's just the beginning of what you might be asked to do. Today is an exercise in practical uses of the Power, ladies and gentlemen. Gerik Sedai and I will be walking around here helping you with weaves, should you need it, otherwise, let's get to work and help out these men and women."

OOC: Okie dokie!! New way of doing lessons! To get credit for this lesson you need to write at least three posts of 500 words each and you can write whatever you want in the posts so long as they adhere to the situation that's been presented and you write your Novice channeling in them. You are welcome to make up situations, names of people your character interacts with, what they channel, how they channel, you're even open to using Mira and Gerik to help you get past any sticking points…

The point of this lesson is to have you have fun RPing in a setting while being able to and being encouraged to channel! You can start your string from the beginning in meeting Mira or after she's set you loose, it's up to you. Just remember 3 posts, 500 words each minimum, but you can write more if you want!!

This lesson will conclude on November 29, so get writing!

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