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Novice Khaji
Birds of a Feather
Tue Dec 12, 2006 5:43pm (XFF:

The ride to the harbor had been disastrous. Khaji couldn’t have imagined a more unpleasant ride. Khaji was glad that it was over and prayed to the Creator the rest of the day would go better. Somehow she had a hunch otherwise. She frowned and muttered under her breath as the Novices piled out of the carriage. A Novice in front of her turned back to her with a look of horror on her face.

“What? Ain’t you ever heard that before?” She paused and looked around at the wharf. She laughed. “If you blush at that, you’ll certainly be in for a surprise here. Sailors have a much dirtier mouth than me.” She snorted and the other Novice went stark white. Khaji laughed and left the bedazzled Novice in the dust. Khaji had dealt many times with many sailors. She in fact felt at home around them. Her dream was one day to actually go on way. Sure as heck would beat traveling by land. She took a deep breath and smiled. The Tower was so stuffy it felt good to be out of the halls. It had been weeks since she came here and still hadn’t broken her block. She was glad for a respite from that stuffy place. Everything was always proper at the tower it was nice to be out amongst a rougher crowd.

Khaji ran smack into another Novice. She hadn’t been paying attention when the rest of the group had stopped. The Aes Sedai turned back to them, smiling lightly. Khaji felt a small bit of mistrust as she looked at the woman. She couldn’t place what exactly it was, but something about that smile spoke a thousand words. Khaji began to wonder what the lesson today was going to be. She also pondered how she was going to channel. Blood and Ashes, three weeks and still Pierah has no idea what to do. Khaji had been through everything, or so it felt. During those lessons she had been glad for Aes Sedai Healing. This was the first lesson she’d been to outside of Pierah’s sessions. Pierah had thought it might do her some good. Course, she hadn’t exactly said how it was she was going to channel.

"Those of you who are strongest with Air and or Water, move to this side of the pier, those of you who are strongest in Fire and or Earth, to the left. Those of you who have particular strength in Spirit, stay right here. The men of the docks are going to use our help in doing some rather practical things with the Power. You might have seen some of the things you might be asked to help with." She smiled. "Such as lifting objects with Air and being creative while doing so, mending metal that has snapped beyond its threshold point, calming animals. And that's just the beginning of what you might be asked to do. Today is an exercise in practical uses of the Power, ladies and gentlemen. Gerik Sedai and I will be walking around here helping you with weaves, should you need it, otherwise, let's get to work and help out these men and women."

Khaji looked over at the male Sedai next to her. He looked vaguely familiar to her. She squinted at him, ignoring the Novices bustling about her. She smiled, her eyes lighting up, remembering seeing him in the Library with Pierah one day. Must be a Brown then. Khaji finally realized the two Aes Sedai’s were staring directly at her. She nearly jumped out of her skin. A small sound escaped her lips and she scuttled to the group made of those strong in Spirit. M. Sedai frowned at her, and motioned her over. Khaji lowered her eyes, feeling her heart beating in her chest. I did something wrong, and I don’t even know what. Least when I’m summoned to the Mistress of Novices I know I what I did.

“You dear child are a different matter.” Khaji bit her lower lip and waited for the Aes Sedai to continue. “Madeline Sedai explained to me your particular problem.” The Aes Sedai took a deep breath, her expression spoke of pondering. “I’ve been thinking of a way to include you in channeling, but well . . to be honest it all involved. . . well you know.” The Aes Sedai looked down on her in pity as Khaji took a moment to look up. “I don’t need the other Novices worrying over you. For now, while I speak with Gerik and help some of the other Novices, just observe for now and I will get back to you.” Khaji nodded, frowning. So I still can’t participate. All because the Aes Sedai doesn’t stand for hurting. Khaji cocked her head to the side. I guess that’s a good thing. She shook her head, sighing to herself. And Pierah said this would do me good.

Khaji joined back up with her group. They had wandered off to help a merchant calm a startled horse, carting a load of foreign birds. The birds chirped loudly, flapping their wings and straining against their cages. Khaji’s hands immediately flew to her ears to shut out the obnoxious noise. She tried to communicate to one of the other Novices to calm the stupid birds, but all of their attention had been on the horse. Khaji muttered under her breath. Who can think with this noise! Let alone channel to calm a scared horse. She walked over to one of the cages, the wreak of animal feces assaulting her nose. She nearly gagged at the stench. Bloody ashes! No wonder they want out. She couldn’t help but feel like the birds.

She reached out to a beautifully colored bird, the blue and green mingled together in a splendid work of art. It squawked loudly, flapping angrily in her direction. She jumped a little, not exactly expecting it to beat its head against the bars. Her heart reached out to the poor animals. She couldn’t believe this kind of behavior was allowed in Tar Valon.

OOC: Much more to come. :-) Taryn gave me permission to post here to her lesson. Don't worry I'll be having Khaji channeling shortly. hehehe.. ;-)

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