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Flock Together
Wed Dec 13, 2006 12:12am (XFF:

Khaji glanced over at the other Novices. They had their attention on the rearing horse and the merchant. She bit her lower lip and stepped closer to the birds. I have to let them out. She knew in her heart it was right, no matter what punishment she received or was made to endure, these birds had it so much worse. Taking a deep breath, she slowly reached towards the latch. Her heart quickened and beat loudly in her ears. She took one final look around and grabbed the latch. She hurriedly worked at the latch, fumbling a couple times, but finally getting it open. She clapped a hand over her mouth to stop from screaming as the bird flew angrily forth from the cage to freedom, except the bird wanted a final revenge on humans. It flew directly at her. Its beak began peaking into her arms and hands, as she tried to cover her face. Luckily for her, it was enough pain to be able to embrace.

She embraced, feeling the sweetness wash over her. She didn’t have that long to feel the sweetness before the bird pecked her arm again. She racked her brain trying to remember the weave; it was a little harder because she couldn’t embrace earlier to watch. She had to go off a description of what the other Novices had told her She knew it had been Spirit. She reached for the thread and wove it around itself. She glanced over at the other Novices, seeing their weaves. She tried to manipulate the weave like they had so it looked the same. When she was satisfied, she laid the weave on the bird. However, the weave had the desired opposite effect. The bird went spastic. Flying even hard and faster at her, ripping away skin and flesh with each peck. Khaji screamed, pulling another thread of Spirit out.

“Bloody bird!” She spat at the stupid animal, and manipulated the weave into the opposite of what she had. Apparently the Novices with the horse got it wrong. By now she had the attention of a couple novices nearby. They stared dumbfounded at her and the angered bird. “Bloody Novices!” She cursed at them, finally laying another weave onto the bird. It relaxed, at last, and landed on her head. Khaji scowled and tried to shoo it away. Yet it flew up for a brief moment and landed back on her head. “Stupid bird.”

“Stupid Bird. . Kwack” It echoed her sentiment. Her scowl deepened. I try to do the right thing for what? A lousy bird on my head? It squawked a couple more times before taking a dump on her head. She sighed. Yep, the day is not yet over. It only gets worse from here. She flapped her hand again at the bird, only to have it peck at her hand. It apparently had made its home on her head. She sniffed and resigned herself to just calm the other birds. She also decided to clean the cages with some air and water. She pulled another Spirit weave, this time laying the weave over all the birds. They calmed down easily. Now if I can remember the weave for cleaning. . . She had seen Pierah do it once, while they were working on her block. She pulled at the slippery Water thread, mixing in Air and cleaned the floor of the cages. She took the water weave over the bottom and then the air to sweep out the filth onto the dirt road. It worked semi-well, only the birds were drenched. She hadn’t seen any weave for drying. She bit her lip. How much trouble am I going to be in?

“Khaji Nagora!” She cringed at her name being called.

“Khaji! Khaji! Khaji!” the bird croaked its response. She batted at the bird, only to have him peck her hand again. She yelped, and sucked the finger he bite. Khaji turned and faced the Aes Sedai.

“What do you think you are doing? You are supposed to help the animals, not release them.” Khaji went to stammer a reply, but the Aes Sedai cut her short. Khaji realized she had no proof to her story other than sopping wet birds. “Now put that one back and use Air to dry the birds.” Mira Sedai demonstrated the weave for her on one of the birds. She nodded and frowned. “When we get back to the Tower you will report to Madeline. You have to understand you do not meddle in other people’s affairs.” Khaji frowned, and batted again at the bird to release some anger at something, as she knew her punishment would worsen if she yelled at Mira Sedai. Mira Sedai walked off and left her standing there to finish drying the birds and to try and get the stubborn bird on her head.

“Why me?”

“Why me! Why me!”

“Oh shut up!” She smack the bird again, it squawked, flew up and then back down.

“Shut up!” Khaji took a deep breath, and cracked her neck muscles. This is just not my day. I need to get out of this Tower. I bloody hate it here, and this bird only makes it worse! Khaji was close to coming up with a plan of escape, unfortunately it required one other person. She knew not where to find such person. All the Novices she had encountered had been more than happy to be at the Tower. She frowned, swatting the bird until it pecked her again. It was just enough to help her embrace. She embraced again, following the Air weave Mira had demonstrated. She was able to dry all the birds and they seemed to be dry and proceeded to preen their feathers. Now one last problem. She glanced upwards.

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