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And Tend to Stay
Thu Jan 4, 2007 4:28pm (XFF:

Khaji frowned at the bird. She had to get the thing off her shoulder. She looked around the merchant was still busy with the other Novices. Khaji was surprised she hadn’t gotten his attention with as much noise as she had been making. She shook her head. Some people have a one track mind! She took a deep breath and wove Spirit to calm the bird on her head. She slowly reached up and pulled him off. He flapped lazily, but she was able to catch him. She pulled him off and looked at him. Pity rose in her heart for the poor bird. She wished she could do something, but she couldn’t ask the Aes Sedai to buy the animal for her. She wasn’t allowed to have pets.

She turned around to put the bird back into the cage, but something startled it and it flew away from her. She muttered under her breath, knowing this was not going to be a fun day. She followed his flight path across the docks. He landed in a ships rigging, and settled to preen his feathers. Khaji looked around and no sailors appeared to be on board.

“Great, now I have to get onto a ship without a captains permission to get the stupid bird.” She knew captain’s could be very upset. She looked around for an Aes Sedai, but she had wandered a little far away from the lesson. She was in yet more trouble. She didn’t know what to do. Luckily for her, the bird spotted her after cleaning and flew down to her, but it was annoyed for having been moved and startled. It flew at her flapping in her face angrily. She ran from the bird, swatting at the bird.


She tripped over a loose board on the boardwalk, falling face first into the boards. She groaned, her breath taking a moment to return. She was fine, just annoyed at the bird. It was at this point the bane of her existence. She embraced the source, being in pain around the bird was not a problem. She again settled the bird down and rolled over to push herself up. As she did so she saw a glint stuck between two boards. She smiled, and investigated closer. It was a Tar Valon coin. She wrapped a weave of air around the coin and pulled it up into her hand. She grinned. She would buy the bird and leave him in the gardens to take care of bugs. The gardeners would love her. Plus, the bird would add more color to the vast amount of greenness. He would have a good life at the Tower. She ran as fast as she could back to the merchant and placed the coin in his hand. She knew she was over paying, but for as much trouble as she caused she didn’t care. Now to explain to an Aes Sedai Her head dropped, knowing she would get a scolding for it. Yet, she knew she couldn’t leave the bird. She wished she could help them all.

She found the Aes Sedai speaking to another group of Novices. She glanced in her direction, frowing at the bird still on her head. Khaji smiled sheepily, while waiting. Once free Mira Sedai glowered at her.

“I found a Tar Valon coin stuck in the docks. I paid for the bird, and I was going to let it live in the gardens. I don’t want a pet, but I do not want to put him back in that awful man’s hands.” To her surprise the Aes Sedai smiled at her. I wish I knew what was going on in her head.

“Keep the bird, it goes straight to the gardens when we get back, and then report to Madeline Sedai.” Khaji sighed. She would be punished, but she didn’t care. She could help the bird. She hurried off to join back up with her group and continue to work on channeling until it was time to go back to the Tower.

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