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Not So Alone
Fri Jan 26, 2007 5:40pm (XFF:

Kirito, as usual, stood a little apart from the group of novices that had shown up for this particular lesson. It was not like any other lesson he had been to in the White Tower, though. Instead of being inside a classroom or in the gardens, they were instead readying themselves to leave the Tower altogether, riding in the carriages that Mira Sedai had acquired, to Northarbor.

Once inside the carriages, it was all elbows and knees. While the girls chattered quietly in excitement about being able to leave the White Tower at all, Kirito attempted to make himself as small as possible, tried to avoid bumping into anyone all that much. By now, the majority of the novices in the Tower were used to him and his ‘eccentric’ ways – most only spared him a glance, if they even recognized him at all. A great deal of the Novices that had signed the book around the same time as he had were already Accepted – and some were even Aes Sedai.

The ride went smoothly enough at first, with Mira Sedai watching over them like a hawk as the slow-moving vehicles lumbered down the crowded streets in Tar Valon. Abruptly, though, the carriage jerked, so violently that Kirito nearly bit his tongue, and skewed to one side with a loud, shrieking snap.

The axle had broken, or at least that was what he assumed. He could not see Mira Sedai channeling to repair it – no man could see the weaves of a woman using saidar, and vice versa – but when she lifted the carriage with invisible threads of Air, the damage was obvious enough.

The mishap caused some nervous laughter among the other novices – most of them were still excited about their grand ‘adventure’, regardless of what had happened – but by the time they were once again bundled back into the carriages, things had quieted some.

The rest of the trip to Northarbor was thankfully uneventful, and when the carriage rolled to a stop, Kirito could not help but to sigh with relief. He had never been the adventurous sort, after all. Books were more his style, and things that were done in quiet, such as a game of stones or a hand of cards.

He was not surprised to find himself on the edge of a pier when he stepped from the carriage once again. The tang of salt in the air had told him how close he was to the sea long before they had stopped. And again, Kirito stood slightly off to one side of the group – at least until Mira Sedai split them up. He moved to the left – as a male channeller, he was of course more apt with Fire and Earth than anything else, though Spirit came third. He had considered becoming on of the Yellow Ajah before, but not with any seriousness. Grinding herbs might be something he was decent at, but it was not one of the things he could imagine spending the majority of his life doing.

“…let’s get to work and help out these men and woman.” Mira was saying, and Kirito blinked, focusing his thoughts on the present. But help them with what? He let his gaze slide across the piers, and decided that they were probably going to be helping the docks men load things onto their ships, or at least partly help.

“Looks like it’s just you and me, huh?” Kirito turned, lifting one eyebrow. A novice he hadn’t seen in the original group was standing near him – a male novice, for that matter. Kirito almost grimaced, but was too well trained to let his emotions show on his face.

“Yes,” He said, trying not to sound bitter. “I suppose it is. Let’s get started then.” He turned, intending to walk towards the men and the pier, and then stopped, glancing back. "What's your name?"

Word Count: 647

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