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Caulking a Friendship ... and a Boat.
Fri Jan 26, 2007 6:04pm (XFF:

His new friend was Jatham Drenor, from Andor. Kirito had never heard of him, though that was no surprise at all. It was not that there were so many male novices that one could go unheard of, it was simply that Kirito spent most of his time alone. At least, when he was in the White Tower.

“Nice to meet you Jatham.” He said, walking with the other novice towards the ocean. “I’m Kirito. Now, how good are you with Air?” He lifted a brow at the expression on Jatham’s face. It was almost…sheepish. Kirito lifted his hands, trying to ward off any apology that the other novice was about to splutter out. “I’m just asking because I’m not very good with it at all.” He said, and was turning back to the docks, trying to figure out just what it was he was going to ‘help’ with, when a rough voice cut through his thoughts.

“Ey, you two!” A sailor, by the sound of it. Kirito and Jatham turned almost as one, staring at the dirty, half-naked man that was striding towards them with what appeared to be a permanent scowl. “Th’ Aes Sedai ---“ He fairly well spat the words – “She says yer here t’help out, so c’mon!” Kirito, nonplussed, followed the rough-faced sailor with Jatham in tow, shrugging as if to indicate that he hadn’t a clue what was going on either.

“See this?” The man was pointing at a barrel full of thick, honey-colored … stuff. Kirito nodded, throwing a glance at Jatham, who apparently had no idea what they were looking at, either. “It’s a mix of tar, wax, an’ tree sap. Yer gonna heat it up and spread it on the wood.” The man pointed at a fat, low-slung boat – probably designed for hauling cargo up and down the rivers – with one grimy finger. “I don’t care how ya do it, but do it quick! That boat’s gotta go out with the next tide.”

And with that, the man was gone, leaving Jatham and Kirito to stare at the barrel in mild consternation. “Well,” Kirito began, after a moment of consideration. “Heating it should be simple enough, and it looks like there’s more than just one barrel of the stuff that needs to be used.” He gestured towards an identical barrel, not a foot from where they stood. “I’ll do this one – you get that one and we can take one side of the boat each.”

“How do you think it should be spread out? We don’t have any brushes or that sort of thing…” That was Jatham, his face a picture of confusion. Kirito frowned – he had been wondering that himself – pursing his lips as he considered the problem. After a moment, he brightened, and then turned towards Jatham, reaching out and seizing saidar without a moment’s hesitation.

Quickly, and more efficiently than he would have thought possible – he really wasn’t all that adept with Air at all – Kirito wove a series of intricate threads, mostly Fire and Air. “Just weave Fire into the Air like so,” He began, slipping into a lecture-like tone without even thinking about it, “And you’ll form a sort of..paddle. The Fire is there to keep the sealing agent at a reasonably warm temperature so it spreads easier.” He released the weave, and immediately began another, using Water instead of Fire. “This one, you can use to ‘freeze’ the sealing agent into place, sort of like cauterizing a wound, only backwards.” Finally, he released saidin, the weaves collapsing.

“Do you think you can do that?” He asked, lifting a brow. He could tell that he was marginally stronger than the other novice – not something he would have mentioned, regardless – but he didn’t know if the complexity of the weaves he had just done was something the other boy would be able to handle alone. To his immense relief, though, Jatham nodded after only a moment of consideration. “Seems a bit complicated, but I can do it.” He said, and Kirito nodded as well, though in satisfaction.

“Good. Meet you at the middle, then.”

Word Count: 686

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