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Kamion Drendi
Down to the Harbors
Sun Jan 28, 2007 7:39pm (XFF:

Kamion stood to the side of the lawn and observed everyone. She watched as people stood around in groups of two or three, chatting quietly. Kamion had never been one to make friends easily, and being new didn’t help anything. Looking around, she realized the only person she recognized was Kirito, the novice who had shown her around, and she smiled at him tentatively. Kamion hoped to make more friends by the time this day was over.

She was here for a channeling class. She had finally learned how to touch saidar without losing it a moment later, and was eager to learn some new weaves. Their teacher for this lesson was Mira Sedai. Kamion wondered why they were all out on the lawn, instead of some stuffy classroom. A minute later, her question was answered.

Kamion stared, bored, as the sound of wheels clattered up the road. Several carriages had arrived. She noticed that some girls were whispering and giggling among themselves, obviously excited. Kamion wasn’t trying to be snotty, she had just seen carriages too many times to get excited over them. Truth be told, they were rather hard and uncomfortable, not to mention hot and stuffy. Given a choice, she would rather be walking.

Climbing into a carriage with her fellow novices, she was pushed and elbowed to one side. Wincing, she rubbed a bruised arm. Kamion bruised easily. Once the carriage got moving, she tried to chat with the other novices in the carriage. They were all polite, but cool. Sighing quietly, Kamion realized that it would take a lot more effort before she would truly be friends with any of these girls. Surprisingly, their teacher decided to get in the same carriage with them. Kamion was lost in thought, when she suddenly felt the carriage jolt beneath her. Startled, she almost fell over, and only countless years of practice of keeping her seat during sudden carriage stops saved her. Some of the other girls were not so lucky. Kamion offered a hand and helped those who had ended up heaped on the floor. The rest had been saved from falling by Mira Sedai. They were all shaken, if some a little more than others.

"Everyone get out of the carriage," said Mira Sedai calmly, already beginning to climb out. Figures. Aes Sedai would be calm if the world turned upside down. Kamion thought dryly. Waiting until all the other girls had evacuated the carriage, Kamion examined the dasemage. It seemed as if an axel had popped loose. Mira Sedai told them all to watch closely; there was no need. Kamion would have watched from pure interest anyway. She was always ready to learn new things. Now that she could sense saidar, Kamion saw with interest that the Aes Sedai first used a strong flow of Air to tilt the carriage on its side before attempting to fix the axel. Observing all the different flows she was using, Kamion watched with avid interest until the axel was fixed. Then they were all loaded back into the carriages, and on they went.

The rest of the trip went smoothly, and soon they arrived at the North harbor. Kamion climbed out of the carriage eagerly, her interest picking up. Novices were not allowed out of the Tower often, and she wanted to seize advantage of this opportunity.

“Those of you who are strongest with Air and or Water, move to this side of the pier, those of you who are strongest in Fire and or Earth, to the left. Those of you who have particular strength in Spirit, stay right here.” she could hear Mira Sedai instructing. A slight frown appeared on Kamion’s forehead. She was fairly matched in Air and Spirit at the moment. Hesitating slightly, she decided to stay with the Spirit group. Air was a common flow to be strong in, and it seemed that group would be getting a lot of people. Not many people were strong in Spirit.

Not surprisingly, Kamion ended up with only one other novice out of the entire group that had come. “Hello, I’m Kamion.” she said, and introduced herself in an effort to be friendly. The other novice smiled at her, and said “I’m Amarille.” Kamion smiled back, and felt her heart rising. Perhaps there was a friend to be gotten out of this after all. “Spirit’s not a common thread to be used down at the harbors…I wonder what we’ll be doing today.” she mused to Amarille. Just then, she felt a hand tap her shoulder, and she spun around to see a large, tanned man smiling down at them. “Hello girls. I think you’ll be helping me today. If you’ll follow me, please.” he said, and started to walk away. Exchanging an amused glance with Amarille, both the girls trailed behind him, wondering what was coming.

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