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Wed Jan 7, 2009 12:47 (XFF:

I have 2 anoles in a 10 gallon tank. Will a Halogen/Fluorescent R-zilla combo dome be sufficient for lighting/heating? It contains a T5 Fluorescent 7" dia. bulb which produces 50 microwatts of UVB@ 12". It also contains a light/heat blue day light halogen bulb.

    • LightingBob Carmany, Thu Jan 8 08:45
      Just a couple of comments. A 10-gallon is a little small for two Anoles. A 20-gallon would be better and make sure that they aren't both males. Halogen lighting is not appropriate for the size of... more
    • LightMaurice Pudlo, Thu Jan 8 01:28
      That should be fine as far as UVB goes. As long as the basking area is at the correct temperature and the entire enclosure is not overheated the type of bulb that produces the heat is not an issue.... more
      • Re: LightAnonymous, Thu Jan 8 08:00
        Yes, there are two separate on/off switches for each bulb. Thank you so much! I am off to buy a thermometer to make sure the temp is correct.
        • LightRawksan, Thu Jan 8 10:22
          Hi, I would like to add a comment, since I have been using the Zilla Halogen/T5 Combo dome for my anole for almost a year now. First of all, my enclosure is a 18" x 18" x 24" ZooMed 'naturalistic'... more
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