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Thu Jan 8, 2009 10:22 (XFF:


I would like to add a comment, since I have been using the Zilla Halogen/T5 Combo dome for my anole for almost a year now.

First of all, my enclosure is a 18" x 18" x 24" ZooMed 'naturalistic' terrarium (or whatever they call it). So it is important to consider the size difference in my enclosure and yours when comparing the heat and temperature I get from the dome, but the following experience will be relevant to you.

The dome comes with a black-light halogen of 50W (it is in it already), so I ordered it plus a 50W and a 25W DayBlue halogen light (the other one available apart from the infrared) because of course the backlight would be of no use for me.
I was afraid the lighting would be blue with their only 'day bulb', and it is. It produce as little visible light as an infrared for instance, but blueish. The T5 do not compensate for the lack, and I was stuck with very insufficient lighting both for my anoles and my plants.
Concerning the heat, the 50W produced a very highly dangerous hot spot that burned my plants and my hand, so I tried the 25W, and the basking spot was still too hot. (for my hand).
I then headed to a renovation store and bought normal halogens (yellowish lighting like a bulb), like the ones we use for the home, of various Watts until I got the one that my anoles liked and basked regularly under. (A 20W, the lowest that was available)

If you intended to use the Day blue halogen of Zilla, 25W will probably be too hot at the basking spot in a 10 gallons, and the visible light produced will certainly be not enough. Try to get a regular halogen of 20W or maybe lower. Be sure to check the spot temperature and the overall temperature when testing different bulb intensities.

  • Re: LightAnonymous, Thu Jan 8 08:00
    Yes, there are two separate on/off switches for each bulb. Thank you so much! I am off to buy a thermometer to make sure the temp is correct.
    • Light — Rawksan, Thu Jan 8 10:22
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