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Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:55 (XFF:

Hello, my daughter was asked to care for her classes 2 anoles during the Easter break. We will privide what info we have. This is a 3rd grade class. They have 2 anoles that they keep in the same tank. I know that it is at least a 10 gal tank maybe larger. I will check when they return to school.
The Problem. (if there is one)
One anole is larger than the other. Not so much bigger but a little fatter and healthier looking. The smaller one gets much less food (crickets) than the larger. At school they were always together and fed together. The smaller one got much less food. The smaller is most always brown. During the break they were sent to us in one small plastic tank. About 7X3. We had another, so we have seperated them. The smaller one is skinny and you can see his ribs when he breaths heavily. We don't try to hold them much. When we do hole the smaller one and put him back in the tank he breaths very hard for a few minutes and his ribs are very visible. Our biggset concern is that he dosen't seem to want to eat. We say seem because we have aleays kept 2-3 crickets in the cage. I have never seen him eat. The crickets may escape or they die and are removed. The bottom of the tank is carbo something - sandy base. He is sprayed 2X a day. Overall if we didn't have the other one to compare him to we may not think anything is wrong. The area they are kept is room temp -70 DF. It is mostly quiet and I try to keep them out of sight of each other. I am keeping crickets out of the cage for 2 days and we will check if he is interested when they are put in.
Any ideas or suggestions?

    • Re: HELP??Maurice Pudlo, Thu Apr 16 08:30
      Keeping the two apart is the best idea for the two anoles you have. Room temperature is not warm enough for the anoles though. They need what is called a temperature gradient. This is needed to allow ... more
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