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Re: HELP??
Thu Apr 16, 2009 08:30 (XFF:

Keeping the two apart is the best idea for the two anoles you have.

Room temperature is not warm enough for the anoles though. They need what is called a temperature gradient. This is needed to allow them to regulate their own temperature by moving between warmer and cooler areas. All reptiles need this because they do not produce their own body heat, they get warm by basking in the sun and cool down by hiding in the shade.

For pet reptiles we provide basking areas with standard light bulbs placed in such a way that the area they heat is limited to a fraction of the enclosures area (to one side, let's say the left for sake of conversation).

Some reptiles also require ultraviolet light to make vitamin D, this vitamin works just the same in reptilws as it does in us, without it we have a rough time using the calcium in our diets. We can make vitamin D by getting in the sun a bit more often, this is how reptiles work. The lights needed to make this work are ones that produce ultraviolet light called UVB. You can find them at most pet shops or order them on line. This type of light is best placed right next to the light for heat.

Temperature plays a huge role in the life of a reptile, to cold and they may not eat, and if they do they may not be able to digest the meal. Anoles need a basking area that is 90°F (the left side), the center portion around 80°F, and the far right can be at room temperature (72°F).

The bulbs you use may get too hot, or not hot enough, you can't guess. A thermometer is needed to figure out if you need a higher wattage bulb to get the temps up to par or if you need to move that high wattage bulb away to lower the temps a bit. A dimmer switch will also reduce temps if you are careful and check and adjust the setting.

These are the basic issues you need to correct to get the anoles eating and digesting their food. There are a lot more details to their proper care that could fill volumes. There is a care sheet on this site, as well as many on the internet.

  • HELP??Samanth P, Wed Apr 15 11:55
    Hello, my daughter was asked to care for her classes 2 anoles during the Easter break. We will privide what info we have. This is a 3rd grade class. They have 2 anoles that they keep in the same... more
    • Re: HELP?? — Maurice Pudlo, Thu Apr 16 08:30
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