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Thin, Brown, and Lethargic
Tue May 5, 2009 15:18 (XFF:

Narcissa is my older female green anole and for the past 3-5 days she has stopped opening her eyes altogether and she has gotten extremely thin and at times shriveled. She won't eat but she'll drink. She really likes resting on my hand (unless it's cold) so I've been putting water in my hand mixed with this apparently awful-tasting hydration medicine becase I was told she was dehydrated. I really don't want her to die. Please tell me anything else I can do ASAP

    • Older FemaleMaurice Pudlo, Wed May 6 12:06
      By your description she does sound dehydrated, I use unflavored infant electrolite fluids (pedialite) mixed with filtered water in extreem cases of reptile dehydration. How are you keeping her now,... more
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