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Older Female
Wed May 6, 2009 12:06 (XFF:

By your description she does sound dehydrated, I use unflavored infant electrolite fluids (pedialite) mixed with filtered water in extreem cases of reptile dehydration.

How are you keeping her now, and how have you been keeping her over the past several months?

How long have you had her?

What is her regular diet, and where do you source it from?

What is the lighting type and age, have you changed brands lately?

If old age is not a factor in her condition look at these factors;

Parasites (mites/internal parasites of any kind, sourced often from garden soil or poor feeder quality).
Lack of proper temperature gradient (esp. too hot throughout the vivarium).
Changed to a high output UVB bulb in the past month or have not changed the UVB source for over 6 months (excessive/too little UVB).
Added a reptile to your collection in close proximity to this anole (parasites/illness).
Fed insects that are wild or from a new and untrusted source (parasites or pestacides).
Fed insects that have not been fed themselves for some time (dehydrated/underfed insects).
Any chemical vapors in the area (bleach, paint, paint stripper, bug killer, etc.)

I'm sure there are other things that could cause the problems you have described with your little girl, the list above are the common things I look at first.

I'm working on the assumption that your general care is correct, if not or if you question anything, find the care sheet on this board and make everything as it should be.

Maurice Pudlo

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