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i'm a new owner,need help
Thu May 14, 2009 16:19 (XFF:

i just got an anole from petsmart two days ago.i also bought an "all living things" anole starter kit with a ten gallon tank and some bark.the bulb doesn't seem to get the temp past 80 degrees and the humidity at has a water bowl and i mist it when ever i see it drop.the first day i put two crickets in to ate one right away, then i noticed later that the other one was gone i put in two more crickets and watched.they kept burrowing into the bark so i tried to move a few things around so the anole could get them. i found one that i thought he had eaten under the water bowl.he isn't showing any interest in food and he's been dark brown all day today but green yesterday.i don't want to hurt the little guy and i want him to be happy and live a long time.the tank we have for him is plastic with good ventilation and all but if i get a "heat lamp" i'm afraid it will get too hot for him and maybe even melt the tank.

    • ReplyNick, Mon Nov 21 19:07
      He's brown because he s to cold! If it is a good tank, it should not melt. But which s more important? Your tank, or your anole? Peace out Thanks
    • anole jenny, Wed Nov 18 23:29
      I bought the same one and from what I read it was a bad choice. My thermoters don't go under 80. They stuck. You can't put a heater or the tank will melt. I guess i'm gonna have to get another. Also... more
    • Care sheetBob Carmany, Fri May 15 07:39
      Anoles Quick and Simple Environment Enclosures By far, the best enclosure to house an Anole in is an aquarium with a screen top. They maintain temperature and humidity better than anything else.... more
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