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We lost our anole
Thu Jul 23, 2009 18:06

My son had an anole that we purchased almost a year ago. Up until a day ago he was fine, active and eating. Last night we noticed black spots behind his eyes, he was not active and his tail looked almost singed or burned. There weren't any hot objects in his tank and he couldn't get anywhere near the heat lamp. Last night he crawled into his shallow water dish and never left. Any idea what might have been wrong with him?

    • green anolesgarrett and callie sanders, Wed Jul 6 01:52
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    • Re: We lost our anoleMaurice Pudlo, Fri Jul 24 18:02
      Based on that information and no pictures it is hard to tell. Maybe dehydration, maybe lack of proper diet, maybe a bad UVB bulb, possibly mites. Cage set-up and daily care history would help get an... more
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