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Bob Carmany
Sickly Green Anole
Mon Sep 14, 2009 11:37

Hello Mr.Carmany,

I got your name from a piece you wrote (the best I have read thus far) for the Reptile USA magazine. Since it was the most informative, I wanted to look you up somehow and Google has led me here!
Several days ago, what I refer to as rescued, a Green Anole from an over crowded cage in an Exotics pet store. I am in the animal cruelty/welfare world and was at the store to look into something else and came across this desperate looking creature, and well, she just had to get out of there and get some peace. I will cut to the chase: I need advice on how to best care for her in what might be her last days. She is very skinny, even more so than my other Anole was when I first adopted him, and way to lethargic. She has been sitting on top of a real plant leaf, which is amply misted, and just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. I have only seen her eat 1 cricket. Is there ANYTHING I can do for her/give her to get her weight up? I have only seen her completely green twice, although once for quite a long period of time.
Information regarding Anole's seems to be quite conflicting, and given so, I trust your opinion.

Thank you for your time,

    • Sickly AnoleBob Carmany, Tue Sep 15 08:15
      One of the best prey items to put weight on a thin Anole are waxworms. They are high in fat content and will quickly cause an Anole to add weight. You might be able to get them at a local pet store... more
      • Re: Sickly AnoleAnonymous, Tue Sep 15 18:20
        Hello, Thank you so much for your reply. I will definately try waxworms! Take care, Mindy
        • Re: Sickly AnoleMaurice Pudlo, Wed Sep 16 13:41
          I would take considerable care in feeding waxworms to an underweight green anole. Most waxworms sold today are quite large, large enough to cause me concern at least. I would further advise that if... more
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