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Sickly Anole
Tue Sep 15, 2009 08:15

One of the best prey items to put weight on a thin Anole are waxworms. They are high in fat content and will quickly cause an Anole to add weight. You might be able to get them at a local pet store or a local store that sells live fish bait. Only feed a couple a week. Otherwise, your Anole may refuse to eat anything else. Anoles are especially fond of them.

  • Sickly Green AnoleBob Carmany, Mon Sep 14 11:37
    Hello Mr.Carmany, I got your name from a piece you wrote (the best I have read thus far) for the Reptile USA magazine. Since it was the most informative, I wanted to look you up somehow and Google... more
    • Sickly Anole — Bob Carmany, Tue Sep 15 08:15
      • Re: Sickly AnoleAnonymous, Tue Sep 15 18:20
        Hello, Thank you so much for your reply. I will definately try waxworms! Take care, Mindy
        • Re: Sickly AnoleMaurice Pudlo, Wed Sep 16 13:41
          I would take considerable care in feeding waxworms to an underweight green anole. Most waxworms sold today are quite large, large enough to cause me concern at least. I would further advise that if... more
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