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Wed Nov 18, 2009 23:29

I bought the same one and from what I read it was a bad choice. My thermoters don't go under 80. They stuck. You can't put a heater or the tank will melt. I guess i'm gonna have to get another. Also watch the crickets, they will get out at the top . I seen it. I was finding them in my house 2&3 at a time.I thought they were eaten.

  • i'm a new owner,need helpstephani, Thu May 14 16:19
    i just got an anole from petsmart two days ago.i also bought an "all living things" anole starter kit with a ten gallon tank and some bark.the bulb doesn't seem to get the temp past 80 degrees and... more
    • ReplyNick, Mon Nov 21 19:07
      He's brown because he s to cold! If it is a good tank, it should not melt. But which s more important? Your tank, or your anole? Peace out Thanks
    • anole — jenny, Wed Nov 18 23:29
    • Care sheetBob Carmany, Fri May 15 07:39
      Anoles Quick and Simple Environment Enclosures By far, the best enclosure to house an Anole in is an aquarium with a screen top. They maintain temperature and humidity better than anything else.... more
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