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Breeding crickets
Wed Feb 10, 2010 09:12

Hi Liz,

Breeding crickets is not very easy, but it can be worth it if you have many lizards or large insect eating lizards such as beardies.
Many things can go wrong in the process. You only gave little information. To me, 75F is too little in my opinion. Cooler temperature only slows down the processus. Generally, fast production is achieved between 80-90F (keep the crickets at 80, and the egg bins at 90, if you can, that reduces the incubation period by several days.)
Depending on the size of your tubs, and the size of your production, very little incubation space is required. Females can pack many hundred of eggs in small dirt tubs. Peat moss is, in your choices, the most appropriated material, for it retains water easily and is cheap and easy to handle.

Your tubs have to be covered with some metal screen or window mesh to prevent crickets from digging and removing peat/eggs. Females have no problems laying eggs through the mesh with their long ovipositor.

Finally, maybe you don't have mature crickets yet, and they cannot mate/lay eggs.

I highly suggest you read this very complete breeding care sheet (3 pages). It follows the method I have successfully used many years ago. It will definitely answer all your questions and also provide tips to avoid common errors.

Here is the Link:

Good Luck

  • CricketsLiz Erd, Tue Feb 9 15:03
    Hello! I am trying to breed crickets at home (they are 11 cents ea. at the local pet store!!) and haven't had any sucess. I have kept the tanks at around 75 degrees F and have 4 tubs-one with soil,... more
    • Breeding crickets — Rawksan, Wed Feb 10 09:12
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