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Reptiles USA Article
Fri Mar 19, 2010 09:14

Hi M. Carmany,

While waiting for my appointment at my exotic vet, I bought the 2010 annual Reptiles Usa magazine there and I was happy to find your article on green anoles.
It is informative and well written, everything essential is covered.

I have a question regarding the Health Watch box, where it says: "[...] eyedrops treat eye infections.
I would like to know what brand or product have you been using with success? I am reluctant to use something I don't know of, and there are many eye-drop type products.

I have an old male green anole that had an infection that resolved by itself luckily but left him with one cataract in one eye.
I wish to avoid that in the future by being able to treat them as soon as possible with something that can help.

Thank you,

    • Eye dropsBob Carmany, Sat Mar 20 08:44
      There are eye drops for turtles which also work quite well for other reptile with bacterial eye infections. Another source is human eye drops used to treat pink-eye which is also bacterial in nature.
      • Eye dropsRawksan, Sun Mar 21 21:45
        Ok, thank you very much!
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