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Maurice Pudlo
yellow anole
Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:25

We are fastly moving into this years breeding season, have you decided to mate any of the offspring of your yellow to normal pairing back to the original yellow? Maybe pair up offspring?

I hope all is well with you and your anoles,


  • Yellow AnoleBob Carmany, Fri Apr 9 08:56
    Nothing of consequence yet. It may only work with a pair with the same trait.
    • yellow anole — Maurice Pudlo, Fri Apr 29 12:25
      • Yellow anoleRoxane, Sat Oct 29 01:55
        I must admit I am reluctant to inquire often about this breeding project, but I too am excited to hear about any developments. I hope everything (and everyone) are doing well. Take care, Roxane
        • Yellow AnoleMaurice Pudlo, Sat Oct 29 14:32
          I'm with you on that, I try to check in once or twice a year to see how it's going. I truly hope Bob and his project are both doing well, the season for breeding has more than passed and without word ... more
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