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garrett and callie sanders
green anoles
Wed Jul 6, 2011 01:52

hi i have anoles for sale if you would like to buy one to replace it for 10 dollars or best offer

  • We lost our anoleLisa, Thu Jul 23 18:06
    My son had an anole that we purchased almost a year ago. Up until a day ago he was fine, active and eating. Last night we noticed black spots behind his eyes, he was not active and his tail looked... more
    • green anoles — garrett and callie sanders, Wed Jul 6 01:52
    • Re: We lost our anoleMaurice Pudlo, Fri Jul 24 18:02
      Based on that information and no pictures it is hard to tell. Maybe dehydration, maybe lack of proper diet, maybe a bad UVB bulb, possibly mites. Cage set-up and daily care history would help get an... more
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