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Maurice Pudlo
Shed skin
Mon Sep 19, 2011 08:34

It would likely be best for you to simply procure a green anole for your research and collect the skin sheds yourself.

Typically skin is fully consumed as part of the shedding process.

Depending on your location and the anoles owner location there may also be some legal issues in sending skin from a green anole from place to place.

Also, considering the use, one might question the validity of your research if the chain of custody and treatment of samples were not up to research standards.

Maurice Pudlo

  • Green Anole Skin SheddingsTanguyen, Sun Sep 18 16:34
    I am in need of the skin sheddings of the green anole. If anyone is able to collect samples for me, please let me know. This is for a research project and I would like to extract DNA from the skin of ... more
    • Shed skin — Maurice Pudlo, Mon Sep 19 08:34
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