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Maurice Pudlo
Tue Nov 22, 2011 01:06

Aside from the basics of care, keep your feeder insects well fed and hydrated, lightly dust them with a high quality phosphorus free calcium product that contains lower levels of vitamin D3 at all meals.

A good dry diet combined with lots of access to fluids will make the insects more worth while feeders, and you'll find that feeding off a bit smaller insects than you might expect are correctly sized will actually put weight on your anole faster than tossing in a few larger ones.

Try to provide them with a variety of feeder types if at all possible, and keep the environment clean.

Maurice Pudlo

  • Tips?Nick, Mon Nov 21 19:03
    Does anyone have tips for a (almost) new anole owner? Peace out! Thanks!
    • Tips — Maurice Pudlo, Tue Nov 22 01:06
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