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Blue Phase Green Anole
Mon Dec 26, 2011 02:17

I have been working with a Yellow Phase Green Anole for more than a year (a male) without any positive results. It appears that such mutations are strictly recessive and that a second specimen of the same coloration is needed to produce a true-breeding strain. When bred back to a normal specimen, the trait disappears for subsequent generations.

  • Blue phase green anoleMaurice Pudlo, Sun Dec 25 19:33
    It looks as if I will be purchasing a Blue Phase Green Anole in the near future, this is a project I have yearned for and drooled over for years. I will keep everyone here unformed on the projects... more
    • Blue Phase Green Anole — Bob Carmany, Mon Dec 26 02:17
      • Re: Blue Phase Green AnoleMaurice Pudlo, Mon Dec 26 12:05
        Are you saying that Yellow x Normal do not produce 100% het Yellow offspring. My assumption would be that in that particular cross all offspring would appear normal but carry the genetic trait. Thus: ... more
        • Re: Blue Phase Green AnoleMaurice Pudlo, Mon Dec 26 12:14
          BTW Merry Christmas Bob, wasn't sure you were still alive even and did not want to insult anyone. Maurice Pudlo
          • Blue Phase AnoleBob Carmany, Mon Dec 26 14:59
            I don't think that it is a straight forward genetic relationship. I suspect that there are multiple alleles involved. I happened upon the Green Anole Genome site and have been trying to digest all of ... more
            • Re: Blue Phase AnoleMaurice Pudlo, Mon Dec 26 15:47
              That seems right now that I think about it, your Yellow is double homozygous for two traits, missing both brown and blue coloration. In that case I can see how even with double hets being produced by ... more
              • Blue Phase Green AnoleBob Carmany, Mon Dec 26 17:34
                A true blue phase would be missing both yellow and brown. It would be the same situation as the yellow phase genetically. The only solution that I can see is breeding to like morph. There is a bloke... more
                • Re: Blue Phase Green AnoleMaurice Pudlo, Tue Dec 27 10:19
                  I do not believe you need a female Yellow Phase Green Anole, it would surely simplify things and move your project along. Please take a look at the following and just consider what I'm suggesting, I... more
                  • Blue Phase Green AnoleMaurice Pudlo , Sun Apr 8 21:48
                    April 7, we just produced our first offspring from the pairing of our blue phase green anole female to a southern green anole male with a yellow dewlap (now a recognized subspecies). We hope to back... more
                    • Re: Blue Phase Green AnoleRoxane Babin, Wed Apr 11 06:28
                      Wow this is great news! Yellow dewlap you mean A. carolinensis seminolus? I love this subspecies, it has amazing morphological traits. But I wonder why did you choose a male seminolus over a... more
                  • Blue Phase AnolesBob Carmany, Tue Dec 27 10:37
                    Quite frankly, until I finally get through the genetic material that I found on the Green Anole Genome site, I won't know exacly where the locus (or loci) for the various color strata are located.... more
                    • Blue Phase Green AnoleMaurice Pudlo, Mon Mar 11 13:43
                      Bob, If you have a moment please Email me at, I have some information for you on the blue phase project you may find interesting. Maurice
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