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Maurice Pudlo
Re: Blue Phase Anole
Mon Dec 26, 2011 15:47

That seems right now that I think about it, your Yellow is double homozygous for two traits, missing both brown and blue coloration.

In that case I can see how even with double hets being produced by pairing your founding Yellow x Normal pair the odds of producing follow on visual Yellow Phase green anoles is going to be low: 6.25% per egg in double het x double het pairings, and 25% for double x yellow.

With 10 or fewer eggs per season the outlook is not highly promising within the lifetime of a single green anole.

Does that sound about right to you?

Do you understand the Blue Phase as missing just the yellow coloration or would it seem to be missing brown as well. Having yet to have one in my possession I am in no position to say either way.

Maurice Pudlo

  • Blue Phase AnoleBob Carmany, Mon Dec 26 14:59
    I don't think that it is a straight forward genetic relationship. I suspect that there are multiple alleles involved. I happened upon the Green Anole Genome site and have been trying to digest all of ... more
    • Re: Blue Phase Anole — Maurice Pudlo, Mon Dec 26 15:47
      • Blue Phase Green AnoleBob Carmany, Mon Dec 26 17:34
        A true blue phase would be missing both yellow and brown. It would be the same situation as the yellow phase genetically. The only solution that I can see is breeding to like morph. There is a bloke... more
        • Re: Blue Phase Green AnoleMaurice Pudlo, Tue Dec 27 10:19
          I do not believe you need a female Yellow Phase Green Anole, it would surely simplify things and move your project along. Please take a look at the following and just consider what I'm suggesting, I... more
          • Blue Phase Green AnoleMaurice Pudlo , Sun Apr 8 21:48
            April 7, we just produced our first offspring from the pairing of our blue phase green anole female to a southern green anole male with a yellow dewlap (now a recognized subspecies). We hope to back... more
            • Re: Blue Phase Green AnoleRoxane Babin, Wed Apr 11 06:28
              Wow this is great news! Yellow dewlap you mean A. carolinensis seminolus? I love this subspecies, it has amazing morphological traits. But I wonder why did you choose a male seminolus over a... more
              • Re: Blue Phase Green AnoleMaurice Pudlo , Wed Apr 11 08:50
                Yes, the male is A.c.s., he was purchased along with the female and they were shipped together. It would not have been my first choice as I am unsure of her age. Regardless, having already been... more
                • Re: Blue Phase Green AnoleMaurice Pudlo , Wed Apr 11 08:58
                  I have lines of both A.c.s. and A.c.c. that I have been trying to use to produce this color phase. The number of years I have been working on this is just crazy. I believe the A.c.s. would work well... more
          • Blue Phase AnolesBob Carmany, Tue Dec 27 10:37
            Quite frankly, until I finally get through the genetic material that I found on the Green Anole Genome site, I won't know exacly where the locus (or loci) for the various color strata are located.... more
            • Blue Phase Green AnoleMaurice Pudlo, Mon Mar 11 13:43
              Bob, If you have a moment please Email me at, I have some information for you on the blue phase project you may find interesting. Maurice
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