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Anolis c. seminolus
Sat Apr 14, 2012 09:31

I am very interested in working with a line of A.c.s since I got one unknowingly from a wholesale supplier when I used to work in a specialized reptile petshop. Since we ordered them in batches, when I saw this male I bought it thinking it would be a very interesting specimen to work with in a breeding line. Then I learned it was a subspecies. I eventually lost the male to disease, having produced only 2 offspring with a A.c female from this couple, and I lost all my babies that year in a heat wave. I stopped breeding since then, I was disheartened.

I still keep anoles, and I still wish working with A.c.s-only lines. However how to get them is my big issue.

The wholesaler has no idea about this and doesn't care at all of course. I could have been directly to their facility using my work reference to pick up the Anoles myself, hoping I would be able to select any A.c.s. However when I called and asked them, they didn't want me to stand there forever my hand in the cage with Anoles by the hundred, it was unreasonable for a 15$ reptile they said.

Now I don't work there anymore, and some years have passed and petshops in my area don't order Anoles by the dozen anymore, I see very few of them. It seems to me that the only way I would get my hands on a A.c.s is by luck just like the first time.
I found a French breeder who keep them and breed them separate and one can actually order A.c.s precisely in europe.
I found nothing locally, it seems as if people don't know a subspecies exists. I believe the morphological difference is significant between A.c.s and A.c.

Maurice, since you are working with A.c.s, do you notice any difference in their behavior as opposed to A.c? My male was excessively nervous. More than any other anole I've had. And he would most often stand perfectly straight in a line, stiff as a pole, anywhere he was hiding. Since I only had one, I can't make any presumption, but I'm interested in hearing more about them.

    • Re: Anolis c. seminolusMaurice Pudlo , Sun Apr 15 00:26
      A.c.s. behavior is not notably different than that of the A.c.c. in my experience. I will share more later, time to catch some zzz. Maurice
      • Anolis c. seminolusRoxane, Wed Sep 18 19:10
        Hi Maurice, I am interested in hearing from you about this, or any of your comments regarding this subspecies, so if you drop by this forum someday, please share them. :) Roxane
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